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Jul 13, 2008 09:52 AM

Best By The Glass Wine Lists?

My husband doesn't drink and while this means I always have a designated driver, it often means I order wine by the glass rather than by the bottle. This limits my options in many restaurants when it's just the two of us. I'd be curious to know which restaurants y'all have found to have above average (or even really great) by the glass wine offerings? Wine bars are always a nice option when I'm on my own, so what I'm really focused on is restaurants. Flemmings has an amazing wine by the glass list, but beyond that, what other recommendations might everyone have?

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  1. Vino Vino on Guadalupe in Hyde Park has the best wine list in Austin hands down. They have an extensive by the glass selection and will open any of the wines in their retail section for you. While not a full service restaraunt, they have great food that can easily be made a meal.

    Though it's pricey, Uchi has a great by the glass selection. Starlite is good as welll.

    1. I was really impressed by the wine list at Mirabelle on a recent visit (Mesa & Spicewood Springs) - the list is not large by any means, but they have 2-3 by the glass of each major varietal, and the prices are very reasonable.

      1. I occasionally enjoy the mix and match wine flights available at the Wink Wine Bar. They also have smaller pours (2-3 oz) to spread your buzz over more examples. Plus they have good Happy Hours food bargains.

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          uuummm, I love Wink's food, but I think their wine list has become exceedingly lame lately. Very dumbed down. Stuff you can buy at the grocery store. Not that there is anything wrong with grabbing a simple bottle when you are at the grocery store, but the wine should match the ambition of the food and sadly, it does not anymore at Wink.

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          1. everydayfoodie

            You still order a bottle of wine and if you don't finish it, you may take it with you.


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              Someone mentioned Vino Vino--I want to say that once I went in there and the owner and bartender had all the time in the world to chat with my not-so-knowledgeable self about all things wine. It was a really great experience, and when we all decided they didn't have what I needed, instead of taking advantage by selling me a bottle that was "comparable to what I was looking for" they sent me to a different wine cellar encouraging me to hold out for my original goals and assuring me I'd find it at this other place.

              I love this town.