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Jul 13, 2008 09:51 AM

Merengue in Monrovia

Has anyone tried Merengue yet? It's in the vein of Portos - potato balls, cuban sandwiches, etc. I hear it's so Portos-esque they even kidnapped their head baker and made him a partner.

Am thinking of venturing over there this evening and just wondered if anyone had any rec's

**oops - i just saw that they close at 4 on Sunday. Looks like I'll have a little more time to gather feedback

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  1. Tried them a few times, I think they still need a little more time to get on their feet. The baked goods are good but are a ways from Porto's quality yet. The steak sandwich is good, the milanesa less so. It took them 30 minutes to make those two sandwiches after we ordered. Got a Parisian chocolate cake for my wife's birthday from the case because I could not get anybody to help me with a custom cake at the counter in the back, but the cake I did get was delicious.

    I think the kinks right now are due to the newness and the staff is just not quite up to prime time yet but I have a feeling they will be given some time.

    The owner's name is Jorge and he told us he came from Mi Piace <sp?> in Pasadena.

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      Thanks. I'll give it a try this week and report back.

      I heard the owner also used to be a bodyguard for boxers like Shane Moseley. Guess I'll keep that in mind before I complain too loudly :-)

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        It's on Colorado just east of Myrtle in Old Town. Here's their website

        Merengue Bakery and Cafe
        110 E Colorado Blvd, Monrovia, CA 91016

      2. I've tried Merengue and they are very much like Portos (not that thats a bad thing). Their food is a little pricey in my opinion , but hey at least we are now starting to get some Cuban stuff in the Inland Empire. I found a bakery in my own backyard that is also offering Cuban items, such as the sandwiches,croquettes,tamales,empanadas and pastires. It seems as if they are also just starting out with these items but they were wonderful!! The papa rellena that I had was truly home made. I've eaten potatoe balls from several different places including Ports, Tropicana(in Downey) and El Mundo market and I can tell you that most places use instant mashed potates. This place, you can tell, used real mashed potatoes and their picadillo that they use for the potatoe balls and pastelitos de carne is seasoned like if you were making it to eat at home. They have a real homemade taste, they are located in San Bernardino on Highland and are called Noyes Bakery. Give them a try and compare you will see what I mean.

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              It is east of Pasadena off the 210 by about 8-10 minutes.