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Jul 13, 2008 09:13 AM

Onasis in Cherry Hill

I had a great meal at Onasis, in Cherry Hill, across from the old race track. The owner/chef welcomed us and was helpful in suggesting a fresh fish, on display over ice. All in all, a pretty room with fresh food.

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  1. Funny you mentioned this place. We were there last week to meet some friends for dinner. All I can tell you, is that I won't be going back anytime soon. Yes, I agree the owners were very nice, but just a little annoying at pushing those whole fish on me and my friend.

    The service was overkill. We had to just ignore the girl every 2 minutes she came to the table to clear a plate. And I was so tired of hearing, "Are you done with that". The place was not even busy, so they did not need our table. She also flew over to me and my friend when we were looking at the fish. "Do you want to try this, this is my favorite. Oh , try'll love it!" Are they on commission selling that fish??

    We split 2 orders of the grilled calamari. That was very good. My dinner was gross. It was shrimp w/feta in an ouzo and mextaxa sauce. It was served what looked like a soup of nasty, creamy, thick roux. Oh and a bed of rice. The sauce was not at all what I expected, especially when the waitress assured me, it was a very light thin sauce. It was just really bad. My husband had the lamb skewers, which were very good. Our friends both had salmon. (Boring, but it was good.)

    Nothing really stood out about the place to me. After we left, I wished I just went into that Wegman's and bought my own shrimp.

    Just a non-memorable meal. I would have rather eat at Chili's. Oh well.