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Jul 13, 2008 08:45 AM

Empanada Recommendations

I live in Reston and tried the meat pies yesterday at Jamaica Jamaica in Herndon. It was tasty, but not an empanada, which I've been craving. Does anyone know where to get empanadas in the DC area?

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  1. You might be on the wrong side of the county. Whenever I have a hankering for anything South of the Border, I go to Rt. 1 and start at Alexandria. By the time I'm in Woodbridge I'm full and satisfied.

    1. Julia's Empanadas, of course! 3 locations in DC.

      1. Not sure the style empanada you are looking for but for the bolivian style (saltena) there are many places. Here are some articles about where to get them.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I prefer the Jamaican version and will check out Julia's when I'm in the District. Was hoping there's be a place in western Fairfax, oh well. Alexandria/Rt1/Woodbridge is a bit far for an empanada IMHO.


          1. re: Martha

            Well for patties you are in luck there was just a thread about just that a couple weeks ago... There was not a consensus but you'll at least find places to check out.


            1. re: Martha

              If you crave the Jamaican emps, Julia's is worth the drive.