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Jul 13, 2008 08:43 AM

Best Lobster Rolls in NYC


How much?

What makes it the BEST?

Thanks, Chowhounds...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think there was a thread on this recently. I like the lobster roll at Oyster Bar at Grand Central Terminal--big, fresh, with nice sized chunks of lobster. It's a good bit larger than the usual lobster rolls you find at the places along Maine's southern coast, but of course not quite as fresh as "just caught."

      Mary's Fish Camp is said to have an excellent lobster roll, but I haven't tried it yet.

      1. Ed's Lobster Bar in Soho has the best lobster roll. Very light on the mayo and a very generous serving of lobster meat. The fries are also excellent.

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          Ed's wins this contest, hands down. He has perfected the lobster to mayo ratio, and gets the whole "butter the bun" concept that many fancy lobster roll creators neglect. The homemade pickles that come on the side are mouth-puckeringly vinegary, and superb.

        2. Pearl Oyster Bar, hands down !

          1. Luke's Lobster on the northeast corner of E. 7th Street and 1st Ave, in Manhattan (between the two Caracas places), is brand new and has quite tasty lobster rolls for 14 bucks! No tails, like Pearl's, just claw meat and knuckle meat, but a very generous helping, with a bit of mayo and butter or plain or however you want it. They also have crab rolls and shrimp rolls at modest prices. And the bun is great!

            I've gone off Mermaid Inn for lobster rolls since the last couple times---they've been godawful: all mashed up shreds of lobster in a very nasty mayo-based mix.

            Pearl's and Mary's Fish Camp still the best, but the prices are twice what Luke's charges. Still, you get almost a whole lobster. These days, I prefer to go to either the Lobster Pound and buy a container of cooked meat and make the roll myself, or go to Chinatown and buy a whole lobster, since prices are way down.

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            1. re: Miss Rennie

              I second Luke's. It's a good-size roll for one person and the best thing about it (apart from the price) is the seasoning -- light on the mayo, and i think.. celery salt? Anyway - I shared bites with two other friends and we all really liked it.

              1. re: Miss Rennie

                I don't get why there isn't any tail meat in their lobster rolls. If you cook up a lobster, like they say they do, what do they do with the tail meat? That's a lot of meat to toss in the garbage unless they buy pre packaged or frozen meat which usually comes as claw and knuckle. I prefer the real deal. Eds, Pearl's, Mary's and MTK chowder House. The price is higher but you get what you pay for---Fresh Lobster!