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Jul 13, 2008 08:32 AM

Weekday lunch spots from Harvard

I just started working at Harvard. I went to Harvard, and I live in Cambridge (yes, I did leave for a little while) so suffice it to say that I am sick of most lunch options on the Square except for Petsi Pies. I'm looking to make a checklist of awesome, Chow-y lunch places (esp ethnic) that I can get to and from in my hour lunchbreak (by public T, of course). I will obv search the boards to make my list, but would love some direct input too. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Jamaican Jerk Beef sandwich at Redbones in Davis Square.
    Vegetarian Combination Plate at Moody's Falafel Palace in Central Square
    Miso Moyashi at Sapporo Ramen in Porter Square

    1. Pizza Oggi in the Holyoke Center is really good. Their slices are tasty and you can get 2 for $5.25. Salads are on the expensive side, but for a good pizza, they are it. Broadway Market has a lot of options. They are expensive, but I do love their summer rolls and sandwich options. Darwins and Cardullos both have great sandwiches. They are pricey too, but worth it. Sorry I'm mentioning all places that are kind of pricey. Of course for a burger fix there's Bartley's which is inexpensive and good. One of my friends goes to New Asia for Chinese and says it is good. I've never been there so I can't say from first hand experience.