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Jul 13, 2008 07:12 AM

Frying Lemon Wedges?

Last week I ate at Primizie, in Austin, Texas, and ordered their calamari starter. The dish included small, fried wedges of lemon that were simply incredible. I am interested in frying lemon wedges to serve with fish filets, but am not an accomplished fryer nor do I own a deep fryer. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Okay, I'm horrified and fascinated at the same time...Americans will fry any damn thing that comes along anymore....please don't tell me they were battered/breaded...? Can you describe them a bit better?

    1. Zuni Cafe in San Francisco includes fried lemon with their fritto. Their recipe is in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

      Use unwaxed lemons or scrub lemons in hot water to remove wax, cut off blossom end discard, then cut into very thin slices removing seeds. Deep fry. Since you mentioned wedges, after removing wax cut into wedges and deep fry.

      Use a 3 qt sauce pan, add 2 qts of oil, heat to 350 add lemon slices.

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        Would you be able to use the oil after putting it thru a sieve? For salad dressing? Poaching fish?

        The lemon wedges sound yummy, good to do on bbq for fish- maybe cutting the wedge thick- like quarter the lemon?

        I was given a premium dwarf meyer lemon for Mothers Day- can hardly wait for the fruit this yr, and all the possibilities....

      2. Palena in DC does the same thing - they serve them in their fried plate with french fries! But I would never think to attempting them at home - quite ambitious! Maybe one day I will get over my fear of frying but for now its probably best that I have to leave the house for those goodies

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          ...mmmm; it's been over a year since I've been in DC, but those lemons were one of the highlights of my trip.

          As I remember, though, the lemons were not your ordinary supermarket lemons, but a fancy sort (possibly meyers?), as were the potatoes... (a variety including yukon gold)

        2. i'm curious as to how one deals with the moisture of the lemons creating big-time oil splatter?

          1. For Val: At the restaurant, they used a really light batter similar to tempura and the wedges were quite small. I agree that it sounds horrifying, and had to be pushed to try one, but the taste is incredibly refreshing and really complimented the fish.

            For Everyone else: So, I tried a recipe I found on epicurious that required dredging the lemons in flour and then frying in a cast iron pan. I am not at all an expert at frying, but the splatter wasn't an issue and they came out nicely browned. Unfortunately, the taste was just okay, but not as delicious as the ones at Primizie. I think that the flour took away from the refreshing acidity of the lemon juice... Next time I am in Austin I will ask the chefs if they can share their secrets and be sure to report back. I have a feeling that a deep fryer may be required.

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              Do you have a wok? Because you can easily mimic (though not completely replicate) the results of a deep fryer with a wok, and with a lot less oil than a deep fryer or a different kind of pot would use.