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Jul 13, 2008 07:04 AM

whats the best lunch in Muskoka area

hi whats the best place for a great lunch around Port Carling or Bracebridge? thanks a view wouldn't hurt...

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  1. Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge. Fairly decent pub fare with a great patio overlooking the falls.

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        If in Huntsville, the Butcher's Daughter. Amazing grilled sandwiches.

      2. re: Snarf

        I have heard tons of people talk about Bass Lake Restaurant..I have been to Rousskokas and it was good.

        1. re: alycat

          Windermere has been revamped and is excellent. They now have a sushi resto overlooking the lake which is beautiful and as always the pub. Lake Jo is okay if you want to rub shoulders with Bay Street Brokers. The Rock which is in Minett has a fabulous menu. Inn at the Falls is a tad stuffy for me.

      3. The other week we visited family members in Port Sydney, and we all went to lunch at Wabora, a recent Japanese restaurant on Wellington St. in Bracebridge. It's a large, attractively decorated restaurant at one end of a strip mall. The food is as good as Japanese food gets, and very reasonably priced. Try the spicy sushi - I did and devoured it eagerly. We intend to return to Wabora next time we're up north, and I recommend it highly.

        1. Danny and Dina's Justa Pasta in Sundridge is my fave!!

          1. We stopped at the new Rawley Resort in Port Severn for lunch. The dining room is lovely and has large windows and a patio facing the water. The small lunch menu sounded great but unfortunately only the fish and chips were good. The angel hair pasta was so overcooked that one could mash it with a fork and most of the listed veggies were missing. The salad was drenched in too much dressing. The smoked salmon sandwich was just okay. The place has potential and we hope that it's just due to start up issues like not enough staff. We'll probably try it once more because it is such a nice place to stop.