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Jul 13, 2008 05:45 AM

Visiting New Smyrna Beach next week, looking for a good wine shop

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where wine lovers have to deal with puritanical liquor laws, higher liquor taxes, and limited choices in the wine and spirits shops. I will be in New Smyrna beach next week and was hoping to find a place where I could stock up on a few good bottles to bring home. I'm not looking for anything too high-end -- just a place where I can find some good Italian and other old world wines for under $25.

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  1. Check out Norwood's wine shop beachside -- and Romesco's Market Cafe and Wine on Canal Street in downtown New Smyna (before you cross the bridge to the beach). Also on beachside is a wine shop/cigar store/bar/cafe whose name escapes me on Flagler Avenue you may want to check out while you're there.

    If you make it down to Orlando -- go to Total Wine on east Colonial -- tons and tons of wine (and beer and booze) at very good prices.

    So sorry to hear about those antiquated liquor laws up your way -- I actually winced a bit reading about your plight....

    Have a safe trip down and a fun week in New Smyrna!!

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      great...thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions!

    2. There's a chain in Florida (maybe elsewhere too) called ABC that sells wine, liquor, and beer. I've actually found good buys on Italian wines, domestic, and other imported wines on their shelves. One of the stores is located on US 1 towards the south end of New Smyrna Beach.

      1. Norwoods comes highly recommnded. My son used to work there and he learned alot about wine from them.

        1. I'd second Norwood's for "local" to New Smyrna.

          If you make it into Orlando, I'd hit Tim's Wine Market downtown, first. About 45 minute drive from New Smyrna. Tim's has some great deals and info on boutique (smaller producer) wines. Very informative staff and unique selection, just tell them what you like, or don't like, and they are off an running in your price range. (Great wines can be had at all price points.


          If they don't have what you want, then hit the Total W&S for a Sam's club sized wine superstore. The selection is large, but you need to know what you are shopping for.

          If you are flying back to PA, don't forget to check with TSA and *your airline* on the current max of bottles that you can fly home with. I had a friend from MD that came down in search of cool wines, found plenty to buy but couldn't get them home! Couldn't carry on and she had too many (8-12 bottles, packed for shipping) to fly home on Southwest, so I stored them for her next visit.


          1. being a local... I avoid norwoods at all cost. The selection is mundane and way over priced. My only place for wine is The Wine Warehouse across from Ocean's on 3rd avenue. the prices are rockbottom with a pretty good selection of uncommon bottles

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              thanks for the tip on the wine warehouse -- i found some good things on their website. i'll check it out, for certain!