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Apr 14, 2003 07:47 PM

Looking for good buffet in Southern California

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Can anyone guide me to a good buffet (in terms of choice and quality) in Southern California? I've tried the Todai in San Diego, but the standard is deteriorating - perhaps there's a better Todai nearer to LA/Orange County? Apart from Todai, are there any other good buffets, Chinese, Japanese, or otherwise? Thanks!

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  1. On the N end of Seal Beach on the west side of PCH,
    New Canaan or Royal Canaan Buffet-can't find the card.
    We went on a weekend-$11.99.
    Lunch is $6.99
    Japanese/Chinese buffet
    Approx 80 dishes-tons of meat-at least 30 veggie dishes.
    Not too great for variety of sushi and sashimi-but everything else was amazing.
    Been open 1 yr.
    Liquor License-real comfortable booths.

    1. One of my favorite Indian Buffets is in marina del rey, near the Tower records. I always forget the name, but its in that shopping mall on Glencoe.

      Aculpoco (chain) has a decent Sunday Brunch Buffett. Multiple locations. Their daily buffet isn't good though. Well, I liked their Taco bar and their ommelletes.

      The "Chinese Buffets" are usually pretty bad though.

      The japanese buffetts I've been to around town aren't that great...there are a few Todais around...most of the time, the quality varies pretty widely. Sometimes I like them if I'm starving and in the mood for a lot of different stuff.

      Most of the others are regrettable though, such as the Lighthouse in SM, Todai Shabu Shabu in West LA on Wilshire, Onami in Torrance, and some place right by South Coast Plaza (forgot the name, near a Bally's Total Fitness). Blah.

      I found that the Cerritos and the Beverly Center Todai's are probably the better ones of the ones I've tried.

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        It is called Shershah or Shershaw. It is really great. Usually 4 different meat dishes, 4 veggie dishes and 4 desserts. Tandoori Chicken and fresh Naan too. Only 9 bucks on the weekend and it includes Champagne too. I have been there literally hundreds of times and am not bored with it yet.

      2. Out of the Asian all you can eat buffets, I find Korean barbecue buffets are about the best in terms of quality. I haven't been in years, but New Seoul BBQ in Garden Grove, 9902 Garden Grove Blvd., was very good the last time I went there. A couple years ago I also tried Korean Barbecue Buffet in Buena Park at 8942 Knott - good selection of panchan, meats and seafood. While most "by the order" Korean barbecue restaurants are better, I haven't been to Korean BBQ buffet that's disappointed me the way that certain Japanese and Chinese buffets have.

        1. I am a fan of Brazilian BBQ. We went to Gauchos Village (not to be confused with Gauchos Grill) for sunday brunch and everyone in our party enjoyed it. It is located on Brand in Glendale right next to the Glendale Galleria. 3 different chicken skewers, sausage, lamb, pork and about 5 different beef skewers. Well worth it.

          Gauchos Village
          137 S Brand Blvd
          Glendale, 91204

          Hope this helps.

          1. for some reason, i really enjoy soup plantation. =)

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              I don't mind it either. I like their chili.