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Jul 13, 2008 04:34 AM

Sun. brunch near Union Station? (Washington DC ' hound needs help)

Hi--can anyone suggest a decent place for Sun. brunch near Toronto's Union Station? Great food, not too fancy would be perfect. I'd appreciate it!

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  1. It's only a 15 minute walk to Jamie Kennedy Wine bar at Front Street East+Church Street for their Sunday Brunch, which is great. Also.......Cora's, North of Front Street West, on Blue Jay Way, but it's more of a simple little breakfast.

    1. for the love of god, do NOT go to Marche!! promise me this!
      personally, i'd suggest that you walk north to queen st (10 minute walk north) and take a streetcar east for 5 minutes to leslieville. the brunch pickings are pretty good between Broadview and Pape. and its not hard to get there

      1. Right across the street, there's a good Sunday brunch buffet in the Epic restaurant at the Fairmont Royal York hotel.

        1. Second Jamie Kennedy on Church just south of Front (five minutes from Union)

          Not only one of the best brunches, but one of the best restauarants in Canada. Get this: they serve Canadian food! And no Eggs Benny.

          And any two dishes for $20 is a deal for a place of this quality.

          Avoid Cora's — it's a chain and unfathomably popular (half hour line-ups!)

          1. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar- excellent brunch; highly recommended

            Please, please avoid Marche and Cora - ick, ick,ick