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Jul 13, 2008 02:27 AM

Virgin 1920's-esque cocktails?

The girlfriend is hosting a 1920's themed party and would like to serve up some cocktails representative of the era. Unfortunately as most of the attendees don't drink, the drinks will have to be virgin cocktails. As a Scotch drinker who'll have a French 75 or Mint Julep on occasion, I'm completely at a loss as to what virgin cocktails to serve. So I'm wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to offer some advice or recipes on what to serve. Thanks!

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  1. Oh man, 1920s is possibly not the best of times. Well, let's see, prohibition had just started, so if you wanted really 1920s cocktails, it'd basically all gin based. So, I don't think a martini would work well, cause removing from the alcohol from that removes everything.

    So, at this point, I think that your best bets are flips, fizzes, smashes, brambles?
    For a bramble

    Oh, a Presbyterian. two fizzy things of some sort, say, ginger ale and club soda. Tonic water would also work.

    Root Beer or Giner Beer as well, not quite cocktails, but mildly alcohol likish. Though, if these people are completely against alcohol, some higher quality ones do actually ferment and therefore can have 1% alcohol.

    Perhaps some virgin egg nog would work out well too. Okay, back to what I was originally saying before falling off and doing some searching. So, I already said a bramble. Now, a flip, egg, sugar, nutmeg, perhaps some allspice, and something else, though I can't for the life of me think of what. Fizzes, or Collins, fresh lemon/lime juice, sugar, normally it'd want alcohol and club soda, but I think just using tonic water would give it more of a unique taste. Basically more of the carbonated stuff that I've already talked about, but with mint.

    Another thing to consider is some sort of champagne like cocktail. If you can find some sort of sparkling thing that isn't incredibly sweet, you could go with just that.

    One last thing, I would suggest Stirring's Blood Orange Bitters. They are non alcoholic and will add a whole nother dimension.

    1. Have some grenadine and add to something light or white. Virgin coctails are usually about a slight color and a great garnish. Don't forget things like OJ and a syrup that will float or sink......