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Jul 13, 2008 02:10 AM

Paloma Philadelphia

Finally made it from Central Jersey for a promised meal at Paloma and it was well worth the trip. With the Jersey humidity subsiding for a few days, we three arrived still cool for our 6 pm reservation. We shared a wild mushroom flan and beef tenderloin dumplings seasoned w/Asian and Mexican spices followed by entrees of Duck Paloma, stuffed duck slices w/mamey & morita chiles, Crab Cake Purses w/crispy carrots and squash w/a carrot curry sauce, and Escolar Al Pipian. The French/Mexican inspired dishes are unusual and the seasonings subtle; unlike anything that you might expect. All were almost eclipsed by the home-made, original and unique sorbets-I'm still yearning for the mango habanero and mole najaranja and am preparing a cooler so my cravings can be satisfied for more than one meal when I return again. The service is flawless and friendly in a warm and intimate space on 6515 Castor Ave.

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  1. Paloma is probably one of the best restaurants in philly. it has such a weird location, but definitely rivals center city fine dining; absolutely some of the THE best meals i have ever eaten.

    1. I haven't been in awhile, but I have always really liked it (and recommend it when folks are looking in that area) Your post makes me want to go back soon!