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Jul 12, 2008 09:37 PM

Mul naengmyon near Mountain View?

I'm actually posting this for a friend.

Is there a place to get good mul naengmyon on the Peninsula (specifically centered on Mountain View)?

I myself live down in Socalistan, where we are chock-a-block with Korean restaurants... but since the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. Mountain View only has two Korean places I know of (by downtown). Totoro and Ginseng. Totoro is totally Americanized Korean (think Sorabol but not so bad). Generic fare with maybe bibimbop. Ginseng, I have not been to, but based on Yelp reviews it is not that far off in terms of offering similar mediocrity.

    Your friend will have to head south down the El Camino Real between Sunnyvale & Santa Clara and hit up the Korean restaurants down there for the better real stuff.

    My guess would be to try Seoul Gom Tang in Santa Clara.

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      Is Totoro the tofu restaurant next to Ryowa? It is indeed mediocre, but convenient... we live nearby and drop in from time to time. They have mul naeng myun, but I haven't tried it yet. They do that annoying thing where they close between traditionally defined mealtimes.

      Ginseng is upscale mediocre, though the samgyeopsal isn't bad. I don't recall them having naeng myun.

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        Did you happen to notice if Ginseng had samgyeopsal kimchee jjim on the menu?

    2. I've had it at Choi's Kitchen in Santa Clara but many of the other places on El Camino should have it too.

      1. Sui Tofu in Santa Clara has it. My report w/ pics here:

        Sui Tofu
        2777 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

        1. Hi DU. First, thank you for your great posts on the LA board. Your posts have been very helpful for my trips to LA. and the OC.

          While nothing here will compare to K-town, Santa Clara is as good as it gets and is just a short drive away along El Camino Real (ECR). Most Korean restaurants and markets are within a short distance of the intersection of Lawrence Expressway and ECR. Kahlbi/Mul Naengmyun are a ubiquitous combination, so it would be difficult not to find it. Thus far I like Secret Garden, Choi's, BQue and Tutti - there are dozens more to try. Unless you friend is Korean, I doubt he'd be able to tell the difference between one good restaurant and another when it comes to mul naengmyun, especially if he loads it up with white vinegar and mustard as most Koreans do.

          Off-topic, there is a wildly popular Korean AYCE buffet on ECR within a few blocks of Lawrence Expressway adjacent Han Kook Market (Sorry, name escapes me). I've not had the opportunity to try it, but it's always packed with 1st gen Koreans.

          Is your friend just visiting, or does he live in Mt. View?

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            Palace BBQ 1092 E. El Camino Real, Santa Clara.

          2. I was at Seoul Gom Tang a few weeks ago in Santa Clara and the bibim naengmyon was awesome! I had to go back 5 days later to get it again. :-) They had mul naengmyon, too, which was the reason why we were there (my aunt requested it for her b-day meal). The oxtail soup they give you w/ the naengmyon was really good too.

            Seoul Gom Tang
            3028 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051