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Jul 12, 2008 09:31 PM

New Orleans with picky teens on a budget

My family and I are going to be in New Orleans August 7 - August 11th. I am in need of places you would take a couple of 14 year olds boys to eat. One child will eat anything and one is very picky. He will eat fried shrimp or crawfish, no other seafood. My husband and I would love to sample the local cuisine. I also need places that are not expensive. But would like to stay away from McDonalds. We will be staying at the holiday inn - superdome. and they provide a shuttle within a 3 mile radius of the hotel. I have already read and thought of Acme Oyster House, Port of Call, and Louisiana pizza kitchen. We will do one breakfast at cafe beignet. I would love to take the kids to hear some live music cheaply if I could. What are your suggestions?

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  1. Louisiana pizza kitchen and acme are great and cheap. There is a place right near the french market called Fiorella's. They have good fried chicken and is also very inexpensive. On Bourbon st. in the 900 section there is a cheap diner called the Clover grill. Good for breakfast and hamburgers.

    1. Fiorella's is closed.

      If the picky one eats fried shrimp, you should be fine most places -- try Mandina's. Also try Remoulade on Bourbon st, it has a section on the menu with burgers and pizza, but there's lots of local stuff, too. Ask the server about the possibility of ordering off Arnaud's menu, as the restaurants are connected. Luke has some reasonably priced things on the menu, and I'm pretty sure they have a burger, too.

      Check out Frenchman st for music -- some places have a small cover charge, and some places are free. I think they should be able to get in if accompanied by you. Pick up one of the free magazines (Offbeat, Gambit) when you get into town and see where you might like to go.

      1. I think Mandina's is a good choice as well; great fried shrimp - lots of other menu options, too. I went to Lousiana Pizza Kitchen on my last visit, and the smell outside and in the restaurant was enough to knock me out. We stayed because our children were ravenously hungry (we found it not very tasty and overpriced, terrible service), and we got treated to two homeless people fighting on our way out of the restaurant. This was an isolated incident, however - I think Mona Lisa on Royal Street is a great option for pizza/Italian and the service is super friendly ( various paintings/pictures of the Mona Lisa are all over the restaurant!). I also really liked Cafe Fleur de lis for breakfast, and they also have good sandwiches. Another great breakfast find is La Boucherie on Chartres - but they only do breakfast on Sat/Sun last I knew.

        1. I think the suggestions being made are good, and trying interesting local cuisine is ideal... but if you wind up feeling like you need to appease your boys with some fast-food and pizza, you could still go to New Orleans places -- Port of Call is good but Snug Harbor is owned by the same people and the line is generally much shorter, I agree with Clover Grill for good cheap burgers too, Camellia Grill if you get all the way out there, we have a bunch of good pizza places -- Italian Pie, Rocky's, Mona Lisa's as mentioned -- there is definitely a different style of pizza here... and if you want to do actual fast food, I think Popeye's is a lot more New Orleans than McDonald's :)

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            Snug Harbor isn't open for lunch and is not as good as POC. BTW, huge burgers a large baked potato(no fries) will run about 11pp plus $3per coke + tax/tip.. Masperos has huge sandwiches with fries for something like $7. Mandinas will be one of your better options. The portions are huge/prices reasonable. Cash only. Many music venues have a cover charge.

          2. Try the following places, as they are family friendly!
            Juan's Flying Burrito
            Magazine Street has many cafe, restaurants and fun places to take kids and try new food!

            Enjoy New Orleans!

            Sheana D.