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Jul 12, 2008 08:58 PM

Rehearsal Dinner for 40-50

Ok- so my fiance and I are pulling together a rehearsal dinner in about a months' time. We need it for mid-August. And 40-50 people are coming. I just want some Chowhound feedback.

We're thinking Chestnut on Smith, I searched the site - good and bad about Chestnut. Anyone have party experience there?

Also in the running - Tempo and Sheep Station. Totally different from each other. But Tempo has great service. BUT Sheep Station has poutine (my dream - I go there almost 1x a week for it).

We also checked out Loulou (too small)
Robin Des Bois (too louid)
Frankie's Spuntino (booked)

And we peeked into the Grocery - but was too busy.

Our budget for 40 folks is about $5000 (about $110 pp). We want it near downtown Brooklyn.

Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Don't have party experience, but I would check to see if Lunetta (Smith Street) can accomodate. Café Carciofo on Court Street has a party room in the back. Have enjoyed several good meals there, but have also read mixed reviews. Worth checking out since they have a back room. Too bad about Frankie's ... always seems to be booked.

      1. I had my rehearsal dinner for about the same number & budget at iCi in Ft Greene. They close the place for you. It was terrific, the staff was super sweet to us, and the guests loved it. It's a cozy space and nice for speeches. There's a garden in the back you could use for cocktails first. No poutine... but you could ask!
        see my post: