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Jul 12, 2008 08:53 PM

Suggestions for vacation destination with kosher resturants

My wife and I want to go away for a few days starting Sunday August 17th -- criteria is the area must have kosher resturants. We live in NYC and have been to Boston, PA, Atlantic City, Vegas, Philadelphia. Any ideas?
David Snyder

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  1. In terms of number would be LA or Miami/FT Lauderdale - next to NYC these have the greatest number and variety - other choices that you have Chicago or Atlanta which have ahndfule of kosher restaurants or if you are interested in Canada you have Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - I would say in today's market place most major cities have a kosher restaurant or at least some stores where you can get kosher oreoared food - check out during you search - some f the entries might out of date but it would would be a good starting point - I use it extensively when I travel

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      Cleveland - home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the 1st Kosher Subway.

      Baltimore/Washington DC/Williamsburg

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        you gotta be kidding, subway is almost the only restaurant there, and you can get kosher subway pretty much anywhere nowadays.

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          And Kosher Subway is not much to aspire to.

    2. come to South Fl, we need tourists here!! Take a look at or something very close to that (google kosher south fl) and all the kosher restaurants bakeries and supermarkets are listed) Also the ORB's webiste and Boca Raton Synagogues own website.

      1. Toronto would be a good choice. Approx 8 hours drive from NYC, plenty of kosher restaurants and plenty of stuff to do. Montreal is a little closer, but fewer restaurants, although enough of a selection for a short trip.
        Check the border crossing rules as you may need a passport now, rather than just photo ID.

        1. I'm confused. Are you interested in staying local or flying? You have so many choices. Local that you haven't mentioned: Baltimore, Washington D.C.
          Flying? Atlanta/Savannah, Charleston (bed and breakfast there), San Diego/La Jolla (beautiful plus shuls and Kosher), Seattle/Vancouver (Shuls and Kosher, beautiful), and the list goes on and on.

          1. Toronto has many kosher restaurants