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Jul 12, 2008 08:17 PM

BBQ in Nashville

We are heading to Nashville in the next week. I am a Calgary, AB Canada Chowhound.

I tried searching for BBQ, but it seems every time I wrote one down I would read further down that it was closed.

So looking for some southern hospitality and places I should check out in Nashville, and firstly get my BBQ fix.

Thanks Kindly,

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  1. This has been covered at length on these boards. You might start here:

    1. When you say "places you should check out in Nashville," are you meaning food or attractions? Our local cuisine is called meat n three or meat and three. It's also been covered very extensively on these boards, most recently in the post camerman mentions. As for attrations, if you're staying downtown, you have most of the good ones at your doorstep.

      1. Welcome to Nashville!

        While we are not nearly the barbecue mecca that Memphis is, there are a few great places here, especially if you're willing to drive a little bit.

        First of all, and I know I totally sound like a broken record about this place, but the best barbecue in Middle Tennessee is at Martin's Bar-B-Q Joint in Nolensville, Tennessee. This is about a half hour outside of Nashville. Also great, but a bit of a drive are:

        -The Slick Pig (Murfreesboro)
        -Smokin' Ed's (Smyrna)
        -Carl's Perfect Pig (White Bluff)
        -Pig & Pie (Bellevue)

        If you want to keep it in the city, here are some of what I consider the best barbecue restaurants in Nashville:

        -Jack's Barbecue (Trinity Lane location only)
        -Hog Heaven

        Below those, there are a class of barbecue restaurants that reside somewhere between mediocre and good, depending on the day:

        -Dee's Q
        -Paradise Ridge
        -Center Point
        -Real Deal
        -Old Timers

        Martin's Barbeque Joint
        7215 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135

        Jack's Bar-B-Que
        334 W Trinity Ln, Nashville, TN 37207

        Hog Heaven
        115 27th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

        Pig & Pie Restaurant & Catering
        7620 Highway 70 S # 174, Nashville, TN

        1. Nashville is not a BBQ town! Its amazing that a plce so close the the BBQ center of the universe could be so different. With that said, there are still some good places to visit.

          I grew up in Memphis.

          Neely's in the old Metrocenter area South of SoBro is a good bet for Q. Neely's is a branch of serves Memphis Style Q. The address is: 2292 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN.

          My personal favorite "unique to Nashville" place is Tex's. Its only open for lunch and is not in a convient location, but the food is good. As the name says, it is Texas BBQ, but entirely a local place. The do have Turkey, pork sholder, and BBQ Baloney (as they call it),I call it Q done nashville style with veggies in a sort of meat and three. The address is 1013 Foster Avenue Nashville, TN 37210 615-254-8715.

          Another Q place is Judge Bean. It is located at the AAA baseball stadium (Greer Stadium). It has a great atmosphere. 4th Floor - Greer Stadium 534 Chestnut Street Nashville, TN 37203.

          Hog Heaven is another different Q place that has a "White BBQ sauce". You see this sort of sauce in a specific area of North Alabama. here is the link:

          Jim and Nick out of Birmingham has a place on Charlotte, B-B-Cutie and Whitts are local chains with BBQ.

          Keep in mind that truly local Nashville places put pickle, lettuce, tomato and relish on a Q sandwich. To many the mentioned Q additives are unnatural, so be prepared to fight for slaw on the sandwich.

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          1. re: fdeaton

            Wow. I have lived in Nashville my entire life and have been to literally every barbecue restaurant in Nashville, and I have NEVER ONCE seen lettuce or tomato served on a barbecue sandwich. Pickles - yes. Slaw - yes. Relish - no. Please give some examples of places that serve BBQ sandwiches this way, as I would love to see it (and laugh).

            Neely's may be good in Memphis, but the one in Nashville is consistently meriocre at best. Ribs are mushy and overcooked. Pork is dry and bland. Atmosphere is cool, but I can't eat the atmosphere.

            Judge Bean's was good about 5 years and 2 locations ago. These days, it's not even in the top 5 for brisket in this city. Tex's, Mickey Roo's, and Martin's all serve a better brisket than the Judge. Also, it's WAY overpriced.

            Jim and Nick's: in my opinion, the side items are better and more consistent than the barbecue, which is usually lacking in flavor.

            1. re: jamiecarroll

              Tomatoes and lettuce may be an overstatement by fdeaton. However, I'll never forget the horror when I opened my first (and only) Whitt's BBQ to find mayo and pickle. That said it all to me about Nashville and BBQ. So yes, you can find some decent franchises of out-of-town establishments, but you'll not find great BBQ in Nashville.

            2. re: fdeaton

              This is a little hard to comprehend. I second the opinion that calling Neely's in Nashville mediocre is being generous to a fault. I also have never seen lettuce, tomato, or relish on a bbq sandwich.