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Jul 12, 2008 06:55 PM

Best Lobster Shacks/Pounds From Rockland to Bar Barbor

My BH and I will be spending a week between these two towns. We're staying outside Southwest Harbor in Acadia area, at the Castine Inn in Castine, and outside Rockland, in Spruce Head. We're interested in simple lobster meals, no-frills are fine. The last time I was in Maine was over thirty years ago and my wife has never been. We've promise ourselves one lobster meal for each day we're in Maine. I can't wait! Thank in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. There are so many, I'm only going to list a few in the Rockland area. Everyone has their favorites and not-so favorites.

    Millers Lobster Co. - Close to you, in Spruce Head. Larger place which is very well known in the area. Lobster, clams, corn on the cob, home made pie, etc.

    Waterman's Beach - smaller place, offers the same fare.

    Although if you really want to "rough it", you can stop by Jess's Market in Rockland where you can get fresh steamed lobsters to go. Just make sure you have a few nutcrackers and a bunch of napkins :)

    If you go through Owl's Head and are in the mood for Lobster Rolls, the Owls Head General Store makes some pretty good ones (and their other sandwiches are great too).

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

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      Waterman's is our favorite! It's so quiet and out of the way. Lobster every day is an excellent reason for visiting Maine. One your way south to Rockland if you are in Stockton Springs on Rt 1 (south of Ellsworth) at lunchtime, get the lobster roll at Just Barbs.

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        We rally enjoyed Waterman's, as well. Also had an excellent experience at Thurston's in the Bar Harbor area...

    2. Adding to Zeph74, we also like the lobster rolls at the Keag Store (pronounced Gig, by the way) in South Thomaston. Sometimes we also go upstairs at the Camden Deli and have a roll sitting outside overlooking the Camden Harbor.

      1. I second Thurston's in Tremont - sw of BH. The best I have been to by far. Fantastic harbor views.