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Crumbs Cupcakes (Larchmont)

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I went to Crumbs on Larchmont this afternoon. Do not go there. The way the store is designed is really weird. The cupcakes are displayed in a large glass case and then there is a glass divider on top of the case. So when you are attempting to ask the kid worker the ingredients of a certain cupcake they cannot hear you because the glass separator is between you. It's like buying a ticket at a movie theater box office without the speaker. Or paying your gas bill in a ghetto area with the bulletproof glass separation. He interpreted my question "What is in the Artie Lange cupcake?" as "What? You want a free sample cupcake?!" Anyway, the kids that work there are not very friendly or helpful...maybe it was because I was annoyed having to read someone's lips as opposed to hearing them speak. I finally ended up with the Capuccino cupcake. It has white cake, chocolate frosting, dusted with cocoa powder and the frosting is lined with chocolate chips. I barely tasted any coffee flavor, the cake was dry, and the frosting is sickly sweet. I took two bites and couldn't finish it. A waste of 3.75. And for that amount of money you think they would have nicer takeout containers than the generic flimsy plastic containers with a lame Crumbs sticker slapped on it. Sprinkles is way better and I don't even like Sprinkles that much.

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  1. Yeah, Crumbs cupcakes are dry and mostly flavorless. Not a fan at all.

    1. I didn't go, the SO did, but as for the product itself, all super sugary frosting and bland-o cake. Such a disappointment. With so many fantastic foodie spots on Larchmont this is a real disappointment. Maybe they will close soon and a real baker will take over the space.

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        Seriously, I want Breadbar on Larchmont! For now we have Paris Baguette and Maison du Pain.

      2. i went to crumbs when i first noticed it on larchmont. had the chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. it was so bad. the cake was flavorless and dry. the frosting was gross. it was all bad... after 3 bites i tossed it. and i agree, while i'm not a fan of sprinkles i'd take it over crumbs anytime. the thing is, the cupcakes look like they should be good, but they are not at all.

        1. Hmmm, I was curious about this place after passing it a few times. I guess i won't try it since it sounds pretty bad. I really like Sprinkle's fresh red velvet cupcakes. Mmmmm.

          1. I was so disappointed too...I got the white cake with chocolate frosting...ewhh, soooo not good at all, the cake was dry and the frosting was gross too...And I so wanted to try their cupcakes...

            Oh, and the guy and girl working behind the counter were so rude, they seemed annoyed that I was in the store to buy a cupcake...WTF!?!

            1. I've never had anything from the Larchmont store, but our office has ordered fromt he BevHills location many times. However, I'm also the lone individual who is most definitely NOT a fan. The cupcakes are huge, but the frosting is too thick and WAY too sweet. And this is coming from somebody who LOVES frosting! I'd much rather have Sprinkles, although I know there are folks who would disagree with me, but that's cool, because usually the person will say "try so-and-so instead." Recommendations are always cool!

              I will say though that the few times I've been to the BH Crumbs that the staff was friendly and efficient.