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Jul 12, 2008 06:23 PM

Falafel place in Vegas?

OK, Debbie from LA was telling me about a great falafel place somewhere in the vicinity of Decatur (or was it Valley View?) and Sahara. I had in my head that it was on Decatur west of Sahara, until my husband pointed out to be that Decatur runs North-South. Uh...yeah, right. Anyway, went driving around looking for it today and had no luck. Debbie, or someone else...can you fill me and the rest of the chowhounds in? DH is craving falafel, and frankly so am I....

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  1. Sure, Janet, it's Amena Organic Arabic Deli & Bakery, 2101 S. Decatur at O'Bannon (north of Sahara, south of Oakey, west side of street, same center as Trader Joe's). As I mentioned to you, we've been there on our last two trips. Their menu is very limited but I really like the food. I've had the chicken shawarma both times, the first time as a sandwich and the second time as a plate. Hubby's had the beef shawarma both times, sandwich and plate. Their pita is fabulous. On our second visit, which was just a couple days before we saw you, the owner brought out a couple of freshly fried falafel for us to sample. I'm not the biggest fan of falafel but these were delicious. When they are giving you your condiments for your sandwich or plate, be sure to ask for some hummus. The first time it was offered but the second time it wasn't (not sure why) but they were happy to add a dollop to the plate. Enjoy, it's delish!

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      Thanks, Debbie! Damn, I must have driven right past it today looking around.....and just missed it. I guess there's always tomorrow.....

    2. Amena is the #1 restaurant on my to-do list. I remember Poly's post about this: