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Jul 12, 2008 06:21 PM

Great group Vancouver lunch/dinner for 15+ family??

Hello foodies, I am looking for Vancouver restaurant ideas for a family get-togethers of 15+ people. We'll need something for at least one lunch and one dinner, with entrees in the $10 - 30 max CDN price range.
Especially, I'd like a suggestion for a restaurant close to a park. We are thinking of having an informal wedding rehearsal briefly in a park (the venue is booked that day), then going for dinner after. Most guests are staying in downtown Vancouver, without rental cars, but we may be able to bus / taxi / car pool.
It'd be great to have something unique to Vancouver/West Coast or with great views as most won't have been to BC before, BUT with a large group I'm having a hard time, so good quality chain or maybe hotel suggestions are appreciated too!
We love sushi; note have one family member deathly allergic to MSG so that might rule out some of the Chinese/Asian restaurants :/
Thanks very much in advance!
PS - oh yeah, and the group is all 22 years and up :)

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  1. Have you looked at:

    They have "group menu" information as well...and the lunch menu is in your price range.

    Congrats & enjoy Vancouver!

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      We just had a group birthday party at the Fish House and it was a thorough success. Some of us rode bikes there and we hung out in the park and on the beach before and after. It was Sunday brunch. Nice menu and a lovely room. Good luck!

    2. I would try a place like Hamilton Street Grill or Yaletown Brew Pub in Yaletown. There is a park and seawall nearby.

      1. Thanks so much! Mmm seafood.

        1. The Fish House is a good choice.

          Also, Seasons in the Park isn't really downtown, but good view and in your price range.