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Jul 12, 2008 05:35 PM

macarons assortis in NYC

Just returned from Paris where I ate many delicious varieties of what must be the official Paris cookie: the macaroon. I am already missing France and I figure I can soothe my sadness by attempting to eat more macaroons like I had in Paris. But they have to be THE BEST. Anyone know where I can get them?

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  1. Madeleine Bakery is very good. Do a search--there have been posts on this.

    1. About a year ago, a friend and I went on a macaron hunt ever since we've graced our palates with *awesome* Pierre Herme macarons. Despite the fact we haven't found an equivalent, the closest is the ones we've found were from La Maison du Chocolat (they have 2 locations in Rockefeller Center and the Upper East Side).


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        La Maison is are my favorite, too, although Madeleine wins out in flavor variety (but execution can vary widely and sometimes an advertised flavor just means that the cream in the middle is different).

        THE BEST macarons though are probably not to be found in NYC. I mean, La Maison ships them in every day other from France, that is why they are so delicious.

        Where to find macarons in NYC:

        You will find many posts on macarons on this board, just make sure you search for "macaron" and not "macaroon" to get all of them.

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          I love Maison du Chocolat's macarons, but I'll bet Jacques Torres makes some good ones, too...

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            A has described them as "not bad for the price" but they don't always have them:

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            I can't remember - have you tried the Kee's ones? I've not tried them yet.

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              They're a little too light/crispy in the shell. The macaron fell apart upon a single bite. And then there was the chocolate ganache in the center, which was delicious, but overwhelmed the shell flavor.

        2. I love the ones at payard bistro: UES

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            hi everyone,

            thanks for the great suggestions! I plan to make a list and go on a macaron hunt in the coming days. I'm sure it won't be exactly like Paris, but maybe almost as good.

          2. my favorite macaroons are by french bakery Payard. Not on website I don't think, but definitely in store.