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Jul 12, 2008 05:19 PM

Vegetarian Burgers....Recommendations needed

My husband has stopped eating 'hamburgers' and is now eating 'veggie burgers' far the one called "Zoglo" is the one he prefers but he wants to try other brands. Does anyone have a 'favourite' he might generally find available?

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  1. Do you have any interest in making them at home? I can dig out my portabella burger recipe if you do.

    As for box sets, I still don't mind the Lick's Nature Burger when grilled at home. It gives you the opportunity to bbq them properly instead of the Licks "to death" method.

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    1. re: Googs

      No to making them, but thank you Googs for the suggestion of "Lick's"... I'll try them....and yes I do mean for the BBQ, is there another way to prepare them?

      1. re: pearlD

        The alternate way I'm talking about is, let's say, the correct to your tastes way, rather than the Licks cook-it-to-death way. Unless, of course, you like your burger well done. To each their own.

        1. re: Googs

          Hell no..for me...the closer to 'raw' the more I like it but then I'm talking about me and my steak tartare's the husband who eats veggie burgers...I gather it's possible to overcook the veggie it possible to 'undercook' it?

          1. re: pearlD

            Well, it'd just be mush if you did. Get a nice outer char on the thing. I agree about Lick's, though. Certainly better than Yves, the veggie burger of choice for most sports bars.

            And really good condiments help, too. ;}

    2. I second Goog's recommendation for Lick's Natureburgers on the BBQ at home

      1. My wife enjoys veggie burgers and has had the Lick's ones, but she also likes the ones from Amy's (got those at Dominion) and she really likes the Loblaws veggie burgers, the ancient grains ones I believe.

        There's numerous brands available now so you husband shouldn't have trouble finding one he likes after a bit of experimenting and sampling.

        1. I am not a vegetarian...but I do really love the vegetarian portebello & Swiss burgers PC has out.

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          1. re: alycat

            I second the PC Portobello & Swiss burgers, best meatless I have had. Not quite as good but probably better than Lick's are the PC World best meatless burgers.