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Jul 12, 2008 05:02 PM

Need Reccos for downtown Columbia SC next weekend

We're going to be in downtown Columbia next Saturday night. I need ideas for an interesting restaurant with good food - not necessarily fancy, but not a chain. We'll probably be eating dinner prior to the 7:30 p.m. show we're attending. Any ideas??

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  1. Mr. Friendly's in 5 Points or Motor Supply in the Vista. they both serve creative and ever-changing menues. Both are delicious!

    1. i recommend hampton street vineyard. gervais and wine is good for a group interested in sharing tapas. really my favorite restaurant in columbia is thai lotus (i think it may be one of my favorite thai restaurants ever...although this is not downtown). some of the korean restaurants in columbia are great but lacking in ambiance.

      1. Motor Supply Co. or Gervais and Vine - both in the Vista area. Gervais and Vine has tapas, Motor has a menu that changes daily with all kinds of good things. Both have great wine lists. Garibaldi's or Mr. Friendly's are also good choices.

        1. i have to agree with thai lotus, i'm so glad someone else loves that place as much as i do. Also try Bawn Swaan, it's right outside 5 points going up devine street. Really good thai restaurtant locally owned with a garden and sun room to dine in.

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            Let me also throw in a suggestion for Thai Lotus - it really is great. We eat there far too much and if you want it really really spicy, they will fix you right up. Soups are awesome. The lunch buffet is also a bargain. Baan Sawaan is also good if you want to stay near 5 points, but it's a little pricer and doesn't have near the variety. However, it has more of an intimate feel. You can't go wrong with either one.

          2. I was very excited about this post, so I opened up and I had already decided on Motor Supply- but I thought maybe I should read it, glad to see that it was on the list.. Thai Lotus peaked my interest so I searched it on the internet to see if I could find any other info. here is the gem that I found.

            I alway eat at thai lotus because that many menu for choose. pad thai and sushi are delicious. this restaurant is clean and food are decorate beautiful, waiter are friendly if her not busy.

            I hope when I go her not busy.