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Jul 12, 2008 04:45 PM

Best Eats at this year's OC Fair?

It's that time of year again.

I headed in today to enter my cheesecake in the fair, but due to an absurd lack of signage and a shuttle driver who hit an SUV and every bollard in OCC's Adams lot, I had only 15 minutes to go eat before the judging began and so I ended up at the Greek place near the OC Building (stunningly mediocre with laughably stupid workers -- I had to total up my own bill because the machine was wrong, and the kid didn't know that the "vegetarian combo" I ordered from the picture was the "veg combo" on his register. Fortunately for them, I'm scrupulous and paid my correct amount).

I'm going back in two weeks to enter a pie in the pie and pastry competition, and now I've got my bearings... so what are the best eats this year at the OC Fair? The only rule is that I must eat green vegetables at every meal. (They can, however, be fried.)

Normally I get a date shake when I go to the fair, but that will have to wait -- the nice thing about competitions in the OC Fair is that when the judging and awards are done, you can eat the competition.

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  1. Even though I am a huge fan of fried food, my favorite food combo at the fair is a big ass Smoked Turkey Leg and Roasted Corn on the Cob.

    1. The only thing I HAVE to have at the OC Fair is the Austrialian Battered Potatoes....something very addicting about them.

      We'll be going next week so I'll share then what good things were to be found.

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        Went today. Beer was overpriced, the cupcakes miniscule and void of taste for $5, the cheese stuffed roasted peppers had maybe one or two cubes of jack cheese melted into them, but...

        those Australian Battered potatoes were the bomb! Best thing at the fair and a huge platter for $6 (a dollar extra for the toppings...we had the ranch and cheese) were a pretty good bargain. Plus you get the mini Ausie flag as a souvenir!

        1. re: Mommy2Bryce

          I went today and tried those potatoes... Man they are good!!!

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          1. Here is what we tried on our trip this last Tuesday. Hopefully we get some more suggestions for round two.

            Australian potato's are a must of course. Sorry sorry no green.

            Fried combo from one of the giant fry shops. North/East of the wine tasting area. These were cold and soggy. Green but disgusting. It included Artichoke hearts, zucchini, mushrooms. We went to another fry shop near the main entrance. I asked if we could get a fried white castle burger(how can you not try that?) right out of the fryer... they refused. >.< Thankfully a nice beer washes away the anger.

            Next we tried corn at multiple stands. The best we found so far was the vendor that has 3 giant shoulders of beef on a spit smoking in front. Near where they have the animal competitions. Cheapest too with the best selection of toppings.

            Then we had a Turkey leg while we watched Lucha Libre. I always love the turkey leg and now I think I love Lucha Libre. Turkey leg is a ripoff at 9.75 each though. Even Disneyland sells them for $6.

            Near the friggin HUGE white steer that is well worth a dollar to look at were some Cinnamon rolls with Cream Cheese topping. My lady made me get them and I am glad I did. They were crunchy with caramel on the outside and soft/buttery inside. Fantastic.

            That is is for that trip. We plan to hit it up once more this year after we lose the weight we put on.

            1. I usually go for one of the fried zucchini or the potatoes. I like the freshly filled with whipped cream type of cream puffs in the past, but don't know if it's still there.

              I know one stand to avoid - the one that has the southern style pulled pork. We had it last year and it tasted like regugitated pork.