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Jul 12, 2008 04:29 PM

Ocean Thai in Oceanside

Hey all,

I did a search on the boards here looking for a Thai restaurant in Oceanside coastal region...

There seemed to be several recommendations for Ocean Thai but the most current posting I could find was 2007 - anyone have any more current recommendations or affirmations?

My sister love Thai food and I'd like to take her out to dinner for her birthday.

Much thanks in advance,

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  1. I was at Oceanthai about a year ago (I think they have two locations) and wasn't impressed and wouldn't recommend it. It is hard to find really good Thai in SD and Oceanside but one of the better ones for Oceanside (and SD) is Thai Garden on Oceanside Blvd.

    1. Sorry - I probably already missed the birthday, but thought I would chime in anyway.

      I love Ocean Thai!! Both locations are good but the one on Vista Way has much nicer atmosphere.

      Honestly Ocean Thai has the most traditional Thai (my favorite: phad see ew) that I have found in North SD County and possibly in all of SD County. FYI - I have spent extensive time in Thailand so I tend to look for traditional rather than Americanized Thai food.