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Jul 12, 2008 04:00 PM

Gum-free Cream Cheese. Needle in a haystack? My cheesecake needs you.

I want to make cheesecake!

Problem: I don't know where to find gum-free cream cheese.

It doesn't seem to be at whole foods or any local markets I've checked.

I live in the east SGV, so if you know of any shops in this area that sells it, great. Otherwise, i'm curious to know if ANY stores have it out here.

And also any recommendations for a brand of cream cheese that you think is great for cheesecakes (with gum or without)?


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  1. bless you on your mission. i've searched in vain......
    i just bought a wonderful farm fresh mascarpone from the local farmers' market (sorry, east coast). maybe that sort of thing is your only hope....

    1. you might try using neufchatel as well.

      1. No problem! Try Nancy's. I get mine at the Coop in Santa Monica ("Cooportunity") on 16th but I'm sure any "health" food store carries it. It's cultured and very delicious. The flavor is stronger than the non-cultured Philadelphia you might be used to (I guess I'm only presuming Phil doesn't take the time to culture their cream cheese, and hence the presence on all those gums, but I'm sure someone here knows for sure whether this is the case and will correct me if I'm wrong).

        If you're new to Nancy's products you're in for a treat! They also make cultured cottage cheese and sour cream. They all of them taste very different from our modern versions.

        1. Try the cream cheese at Trader Joes.

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            as far as i know. all major brands have the evil gums....

          2. Maybe one of the kosher brands. Not the kosher with the OU certification, but the ones that are designatd Cholove Isroel. They might be gum-free. They can be found at most kosher markets.