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Jul 12, 2008 03:07 PM

Lunch for a vegetarian in Conshohocken

Suggestions for good lunch places suitable for a vegetarian? Looking for a place conducive to sitting and talking.

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  1. Nothing with a lot of selections for a vegetarian comes to mind in Conshohocken. Fayette Street Grill has some salads and a portabella panini on their lunch menu, I have enjoyed lunch there in the past. Blackfish has an arugula salad and agnolotti on the lunch menu, every meal I have had at blackfish has been exceptional. I have not tried Totaro's but they have a number of vegetarian options on their menu. The Spring Mill Cafe is really cute. I havent eaten there in many years and never for lunch, so I cant personally vouch for it, but the location is really nice. If you are willing to venture into east Norriton there is a good Indian restaurant called Aman's on Dekalb Pike that has a lot of vegetarian selections on the menu.

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