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Jul 12, 2008 03:02 PM

Casual Lunch in Center City???

Meeting a friend for lunch in Center City. Coming in by train. (Market East or Suburban Station area) Need to keep cost down(15.00 or less/person), but would prefer a place to sit and talk as well. Suggestions...???

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  1. Chinatown is a good bet. There are so many good places and most offer special inexpensive lunch specials. A few that come to mind that I love and are good for sitting and talking are Ong's for excellent Vietnamese and Chinese food, CK garden for Szechuan food, Rangoon for Burmese cuisine (an especially nice dining room).

    1. A good bet would be the Marathon Grill. I like the location at 18th and Market St. because they have a large outdoor seating area. You need to get there early (before 12:15) to be assured of a table.