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What to do with loads of peaches?

My neighbor just dropped by with a large flat of fresh picked peaches. What would you do if you had a bumper crop of peaches? I want to use them while they are still fresh. Would you freeze? Pies? Cobblers? What can I do with all these peaches?

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  1. I just had a ton of peaches from picking my own. I made peach freezer jam, which is so easy you don't have to can it, some peach shortcake, bellinis, a peach pie and we ate some from fresh. I also made skewers of pork, peaches and vidalia onion that we grilled they were good too.

    1. I make alot of cobblers or crisps during the summer with fresh fruit in both the smaller and larger loaf pans, and then freeze. You have them all year long and make great presents. I like peach and blackberries, or cherries etc. Send some my way.

      1. I canned peach chutney, made peach ice cream, froze a peach pie for cooking later, and canned peach puree to use in bellinis. All were great.

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          Amanda Hesser's peach tart.......over and over and over again.


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            I'm going to make that for dessert tonight - can I make it ahead and reheat?


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              I made this and it was wonderful - turns out you are supposed to make it ahead of time and serve at room temperature. Will post photos tomorrow.

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                Well, this tart is a great find. I used an extra virgin Spanish olive oil that I had, and was a bit worried that it might be too strong, but it wasn't, and the bottom crust was nice and crunchy, with a slight almond taste from the extract. I thought my peaches may not have been quite ripe enough, so I added a little more sugar, which I probably shouldn't have done - used 4 large ones, rather than 5 small. I wasn't sure what to make of the topping, which is mostly sugar, with a little flour and salt. It ends up making this wonderful sort of gooey gelatinous topping.

                I do wish there were a way to make this in a pan/dish that would make it more presentable at the table. Served it with vanilla ice cream, rather than creme fraiche whipped cream.

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                  So delighted that you like it. I think I made it twice a week all last summer but I'm trying to use more restraint this year. Not sure how to "tart" up this tart. It really is a homey dish.

                  I eventually came to most enjoy it naked and unadorned so as to not mask its layering of flavors.......the evoo, almond essence and the luscious sweet fruit.

                  Oh my. I think I must make one tomorrow. I even bagged peaches and plums and froze them so that I could enjoy this all fall and winter!

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                    Thanks for posting about this tart. On Amanda's new website, she's baked it in a tart pan and it presents very well. Here's her updated recipe: http://www.food52.com/recipes/14217_p...

                    I didn't have almond extract, so I used alcohol-free vanilla flavor. I'm unsure if it's the lack of alcohol, but the "exposed" parts of the crust ended up burnt (see pic attached) and had to be scraped off. Or it could be because I used all corn oil versus using half veg oil/half olive oil. In the old recipe, Amanda specified all olive oil.

                    For others attempting this recipe, although it is very simple, don't be lulled into a false sense of security from Amanda's description. You should still shape your crust evenly and plan for the fruit filling to come up to the top of the crust. This means you might need more or less peaches, depending on peach size and peach ripeness, and you might need to add more flour in the pebbly butter mixture that gets sprinkled over top. I needed 1.5 TBSP extra flour.

                    Also, if you want to throw pecans on top like I did, coat them in some of the pebbly mixture first, otherwise they'll burn like in my picture. And I'm not sure how that nectarine got in there. I was feeding it to the little one while peeling peaches and a slice snuck in there somehow.

        2. I love peaches. We've been eating a lot of them this summer. Peach season is pretty much done in central Arizona but the stores will have "Utah Peaches" soon and I'm eagerly looking forward to that.

          Anyway....things we've done this year:

          Pie - plain peach and peach blackberry

          Peach vanilla jam(this was so delicious...I gave some bottles away and wish I'd made more as I only kept two for us. )

          Lots of salads. We found peaches go well with corn, sweet tomatoes and either goat or feta cheese. It's also a nicely complemented by prosciutto - either in a salad, on a pizza or just by itself.

          Peach cobbler

          Grilled peaches

          Peach frozen yogurt

          Peach ginger lime yogurt popsicles

          And of course...the very best way...eaten out of hand, dripping down your chin!


          1. Baltimore Peach Cake! There are a handful of threads, if you do a search.

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              Here's a recent Baltimore Peach Cake thread I found particularly inspiring: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/535534


            2. I just made a peach sauce for some shrimp tonight, it was well received.

              A few cut up peaches, butter, brown sugar, then added some white wine when it got a bit syrupy added the shrimp.

              Started a risotto before that was put in place and it all came together well..

              1. trader joe's makes a great peach salsa... here's a link with a few diff recipes

                peaches w/ basil and mascarpone - grill peaches tossed with olive oil, then fill the halves with basil mixed with mascarpone

                another salad uncooked - chopped peaches, mixed with basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and salt and pepper

                stew sliced peaches w/ btown sugar and cinnamon, and allow to caramelize til gooey. puree with an immersion blender, then store to stir in oatmeal or yogurt. you can also use to top pancakes or waffles (or stir into uncooked batter), or to fill blintzes. you can also use the puree to substitute for some of the fat in muffins.

                basil cinnamon peaches

                add as a layer to trifle

                peach shortcake - split shortcakes/biscuits open, and fill w/ sliced peaches and whipped cream

                1. Food banks are sometimes interested in fresh fruit. If your area is under quarantine for Brown Apple Moth this might not be a good idea, but it's easy enough to check.

                    1. Of course, peach ICE CREAM !

                      1. I had a Suncrest with whole milk yogurt and honey for breakfast. I make peach butter and cobblers (with blueberries), ice cream. My experiment for this summer will be a peach BBQ sauce.

                          1. What a delicious problem to have! :) I love to make the following with peaches:

                            - chutney, butter, preserves, marmalade, jelly
                            - peaches are delicious in pan sauces with pork, duck, chicken and shrimp
                            - pie
                            - grilled peaches in dessert or salad with goat cheese and toasted pecans (oops - someone mentioned that)
                            - panna cotta
                            - stuffed baked peaches
                            - smoothies
                            - peach melba
                            - I also often use peaches in my homemade BBQ sauces
                            - dumplings
                            - kuchen
                            - tea bread or muffins
                            - upside down cake
                            - pancakes
                            - vinegar
                            - clafouti

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                              CAH would u tell us more about the stuffed baked peaches please?

                            2. I've made peach jam but subbed brown sugar for white and stirred a big spoonful of dark rum into each jar before processing or freezing.

                              I don't know how anyone else makes baked peaches (or nectarines), but halve and pit the peaches (5 or 6) and put them cut side up in a baking dish. Then I grind up 10 amaretti cookies (i.e., 5 little paks of two each) and stir them into 1/2 a pureed peach (or nectarine), a couple of tablespoons of sugar, and an egg yolk. I blob a little mound into each cavity, then bake for about 30 minutes at about 350. I've never tried these on a grill but bet they'd work.

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                                Also, in the latest issue of Martha Stewart there is a recipe for Peach-infused vinegar. They state is perfect for overripened peaches, so if you find yourself not being able to get to all the peaches, that may be an interesting option!

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                                  I would love to know how to make the peach infused vinegar. Can you give me some ideas to start with for the peaches that don't make it into the recipes and ideas posted by others? Thanks to all!

                              2. Peach bellinis. The prosecco must be of decent, not great) quality. Use a wine glass and not a flute. Dial-in the peach puree to wine ratio as you see fit.

                                Edited to add: It's ok to freeze leftover peach puree.

                                1. Two hints from my peach-growing past: 1) Buy some Fruit Fresh (natural ascorbic acid) and add 1 tsp per cup or two of sugar to keep peaches from turning brown when you slice them, whether for freezing or immediate use. 2) If you have the freezer space, take the baking dish you will one day make a peach cobbler or pie in and line it with a large plastic bag then dump in your peach mixture (peaches, sugar, Fruit Fresh, a little flour or Minute Tapioca). Twist the bag shut and freeze the whole thing, dish and all. The peaches will take the exact shape of the dish. Then remove the bag from the dish and store it that way in the freezer, freeing your dish for use now. When you want to make the cobbler, the filling will perfectly fit the dish and you have only to add the crust or topping. Obviously you can repeat this often and end up with freezer full of dish-shaped slabs of peach filling ready for use.

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                                    Here is a favourite summer salad recipe of mine with fresh peaches, mozza and prosciutto.


                                    Otherwise I would be in agreement for smoothies, margarita's and bellinis. I also love them grilled with ice cream on top, half a peach per person. Or as a side for cedar planked salmon or bbq chicken.