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Looking for best sourdough in Toronto

Who makes the best sourdough in Toronto? I'm on the East End.

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  1. I like the bread at St. John's Bakery. They have different breads - so far I've tried a sourdough type bread called Angeligus that I can taste the sourdough base in. I have also had their multigrain seed bread, which is very good. They had nice looking olive breads and a raisin walnut today, but I had limited funds on me because I stopped there during my run. Next I want to try the Fife bread.
    They have a location on Broadview, north of Queen on the east side. I can also buy their breads at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands.

    1. best sourdough in the city, hands down, is cob's. there's a few locations but my fave is kensington market. go early, though! they usually run out by 2ish

      1. Try Altitude on Queen East or the walnut sourdough at Brick St. Bakery off Queen East.

        1. Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Cafe (in Corktown) has an absolutely amazing bread made with Red Fife flour. Also, (when they have it) Brick Street Bakery in the distillery has an excellent one as well.

          Have to also agree with the St. John's Bakery suggestion, their bread is quite good as well.

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            i'm not a sourdough pro, but i second jamie kennedy's red fife sourdough. my friend and i finished a loaf down at the beach today and it was great just like that

          2. Excellent sourdoughs at Brick Street (on Logan and at the Distillery) and at St John's (freshest on Broadview north of Queen). Nothing shabby about Ace or Fred's breads either, mass distribution or not. Silverstein's rye, fresh from the bakery and unbagged, shouldn't disappoint. I'd pass on Cob's.

            1. Another vote for the sourdough at St. John's. A relatively wide selection of sourdoughs, too. I'm not a big fan of Brick Street sourdoughs (good but not excellent). I find their breads a bit dry compared to St. John's. I bought Ace Bakery sourdough and really didn't like it -- far too heavy.

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                Another vote for St. John's here too. Their olive cilantro bread won me over immediately!

              2. No sourdough but superb rye breads at the Breadhouse in Pickering. Easily worth a special trip off 401 when going through the town.

                http://www.chow.com/uploads/8/6/3/923... (photo with Dunn's smoked meat from Costco


                Breadhouse Bakery
                893 Bayly St, Pickering, ON L1W, CA

                1. If you can get over to King West, try Thuet.. Both the restaurant and Atelier Thuet sell great sourdough in multiple flavours.


                  1. Thuet, Thuet, Thuet.
                    Phenomenal bread - and I'm not a fan of his restaurant.

                    1. How about some recos in the West end? Nothing fancy, no different flavours, just plain old fashioned sourdough bread. If anyone has had it in Seattle, that's the type I'm referring to.

                      1. I love Stonemill Bakery sourdough, available at SLM. The San Francisco Sourdough is great and there are usually a couple other varieties. German bakers know how to do sourdough right.

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                          I was hoping for something more in the south Etobicoke area, but it looks like I'm going to have to get my sorry butt out of bed early one Saturday and head down to SLM.


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                            There are these retail locations and an outlet, far far north.

                            But I would totally recommend SLM to get the fresh fresh product.
                            Sorry about your butt. : (

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                              Well then! I'll give it a try a Sobey's first.

                              Thanks for the condolances. LOL!!