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Jul 12, 2008 01:55 PM

Best Mexican in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

Looking for the "best" in Mexican food/drink.

Best Salsa and Chips: Que Bueno, Fountain Hills
Best Baja Sauce: Macayo's Scottsdale
Best Drivethru/Takeout: Shrimp or Fish Tacos or Breakfast Burrito, Senior Taco, Fountain Hills
Best High End Mexican: La Hacienda, Scottsdale (Fairmont Resort) AAA 4-Diamond

What/Where are your Bests in the area for 2008 (Ex: Margaritas, Rellenos, Tamales, Happy Hour, Etc.)?

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  1. Senior Taco is now closed for Rennovations! Hopefully it will be back soon and better than ever!