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Jul 12, 2008 01:50 PM

Jack's Bistro

This place flew under my radar. The menu on their website looks appealing. Am trying to broaden my going out for dinner options as I tend to get in a rut. Hubby and I have our favorites that we rotate, but need to expand a bit (and, hopefully, not in our waistlines).

So, comments anyone? FoiGras

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  1. Jack's Bistro has been one of my favorites in Baltimore since they opened, though I admit I only really get there once every 6 months or so (I don't live downtown so it's not quite as regular an option).

    See my prior review from shortly after they opened here:

    I've since gone back a few times including Restaurant Week last year. The sous vide duck cassoulet on the menu is terrific - flavorful and extremely tender. I find it a fairly affordable option; most entrees $15-25 -- so much so the $30 RW price for 3 courses is actually only a marginally good deal (you might save $2 off the a la carte menu price).

    I understand they have lobster nights and risotto nights once a week but have not had the opportunity to get down there midweek to check out the rotating options.

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      Thanks"bluepig1" Am definitely going to try. Sounds like a place that has great good at reasonable prices.
      I guess I'm a bit peeved as Hubby and I just came home after dining at Cinghiale. What a MAJOR RIP OFF. We don't mind spending $$$$ for dinner out on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter. But...3 Diver Scallops for $27----and nothing else. Only a spoon full of sauce.

      Anyhow, this venue isn't about Cinghiale. I really believe that Jack's Bistro will provide us with an excellent meal at prices conducive to the product and preparation. I can't wait to try it out in the next week or so. Hope you are able to get there soon. FoiGras

    2. We like to go on Sunday nights and sit at the bar for $12 entrees. They havew one meat, one seafood and one vegetarian choice, these are thnigs not available on the regualr menu at the bar for $12 each. The full menu is also available.

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      2. We went there once and weren't particularly impressed. Nothing was bad and nothing was great. I can't even remember what we ate except that I remember liking the sangria.

        FoiGras-I would be interested to hear an update if you decide to try it out. Maybe I could be convinced to give it a 2nd try.

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          "ronandaim"---thanks for your response. Hope to dine there in the next week or so. I'll be sure to let all of you gracious Chowhounds what opinion was formed. I hope it is a more favorable experience then what occurred last night at Cinghiale's. FoiGras

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            I hope you have a good visit. My experience, shortly after Jack's Bistro opened, goes against the conventional wisdom of most on this board. I found the food fine, and not deserving of the raves, but mostly I found the food very heavy. In fact, I was dining with a vegetarian and we tried as hard as we could to balance out how heavy everything seemed, but with no luck. In fact, the richness of the food was so unbalanced that I found myself sick the next day.

            Living in the general area, someone had been touting Jack's Bistro on our neighborhood listserve. When I wrote of my experience the next day--or whenever it was that I found myself well enough to post--someone who worked for the restaurant greeted my complaints with a snarky, well, if you don't return, that means there will be two more seats for other people on a Friday night.

            With that sort of attitude, I saw no reason for me to give the place a second chance.

            (And, I pretty sure that there is a classic--to me, at least--post about a dish there with Pop Rocks.....I'll try to dig it up!)

            Actually, there are a couple of JB threads floating around. I think this one is the one with the "pop rocks" story:

        2. Jack's is by far my favorite restaurant. Ted keeps the menu innovative (as well as delicious!) and Christie, who manages the front, is such a pleasure to deal with!
          The Bistro Steak is one of my faves, the burger is fantastic, and I personally am a fan of the mac and cheese with chocolate.

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            I'm intriqued with the Macaroni and cheese with chocolate. Is it elbow macaroni with chocolate sauce, served as a desert. Or, perhaps, something similar to mole (spelling), which is a Mexican type of chicken dish made with chocolate, but not a sweet, but savory dish? FoiGras

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              It's shell macaroni in a 5 cheese sauce with a sprinkle of Belgian chocolate on top. Definitely not a mole. Some consider it savory, but in my eyes, it's more of a dessert.

          2. I ate here once with my Fiance about a year ago. The interior is very cute and our Waitress was outstanding. The food was very good. I don't remember it being cheap - I think the tab was around $70-80? I would go back again.

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              "Whitemarshjohn"--okay, maybe not cheap, but if you found it worthwhile to return, that's good enough for me. You seem to be on top of the places to go, as are the other 'Hounds." Gosh, I love this venue. So many informative participants and such fun. FoiGras