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Jul 12, 2008 01:41 PM

Ethnic Markets in Houston

I've been loving that new Korean market on Campbell with the food stalls on the right, including the one with the amazing spicy fried chicken. Does anybody have any other recommendations for ethnic markets that also sell tasty authentic food?

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  1. For Mexican, I recommend the El Tiempo market on Washington. I haven't been there very many times, but they have authentic brands and a great meat counter.

    1. Hong Kong City Mall on Bellaire. - (not an official website


      Phoenicia Specialty Foods on Westheimer.

      1. komart is another korean supermarket out that way off gessner with food stalls.

        asia market on cavalcade b/w airline and main has great authentic thai food. the pad kee mao noodles are amazing!

        a lot of mexican markets, i.e. michoacana have delis that sell tacos, barbacoa, menudo, etc.

        gerardo's drive-in, a mexican convenient store near 45 and patton has excellent barbacoa and carnitas

        canino & the farmer's market off airline have great taco trucks in the parking lot. does that count? the one to look for is taco tacambero which has the sweetbread (mollejas) tacos that robb walsh is so fond of.

        dynasty supermarket in chinatown has the best roasted duck in houston. there is a small deli on the right side of the store with cheap lunch specials and a few small tables to dine at.

        closer to downtown is the deli at kim hung market on st. emanuel and mckinney.

        raia's italian market just opened on monday in the washington corridor. haven't heard if the food is good there.

        paninis are good at nundini italian market on shepherd near 1-10.