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family friendly breakfast?

jonnyrock Jul 12, 2008 01:39 PM

Hey all,

Have a friend coming up with his kids. Want to grab breakfast tomorrow am. There will be 5 kids (all under 7 years old) and four adults. We never do breakfast with our kids so we have no ideas. Any suggestions?


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  1. mabelm4050 RE: jonnyrock Jul 12, 2008 02:24 PM

    Not sure we're you're located, but our favorite place (and we have kids) is Spring Street Cafe in West Roxbury. It's on the corner of the VFW and Spring Street. Great breakfasts, and shouldn't be too too crowded.

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    1. re: mabelm4050
      BeverlyCY RE: mabelm4050 Jul 12, 2008 05:34 PM

      Hear! Hear! I just had their Eggs Florentine today and couldn't have been happier! I really like this little place.

    2. s
      Stride RE: jonnyrock Jul 12, 2008 03:15 PM

      In Cambridge, Christopher's serves brunch on Sundays and is very family-friendly. There are always kids of all ages there. They used to bring crayons and placemats for coloring for the little ones; not sure if they still do that.

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        RoxyB RE: jonnyrock Jul 12, 2008 06:00 PM

        Brookline Family Restaurant on Harvard St near Brookline Village is family-friendly: http://brooklinefamilyrestaurant.com/

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          chuck s RE: RoxyB Jul 12, 2008 08:42 PM

          It's on Washington St.

          1. re: chuck s
            RoxyB RE: chuck s Jul 13, 2008 07:51 AM

            Right! Thanks for the correction!

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