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1st trip to Fenway paak

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We'll be bringing my daughter & boy friend in Aug.Fri.Night game.
Any suggestions in walking distance.
$ no object, but Redsox/ Boston theme is a must.


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  1. There are a large number of places within walking distance of Fenway. It depends on what kind of food you like. Could you be more specific?
    Also, there are some sports themed places near Fenway but they are basically pubs with pub-like food. Is that what you are looking for?

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      Pubs and the like are just fine.

    2. If you are doing the Red Sox thing, my recommendation is to experience the true craziness of it all and eat hot dogs and fried things and cracker jacks in the park. The first time I went I ate dinner beforehand (nothing special at all, but food) and then was really sad because I wanted the hot dog, some fried dough, yada yada. If it's a weekend maybe you could do a lunchy thing in the North End (Daily Catch?) and then keep yourselves hungry the rest of the day for the ball park food. There's a legals take-out inside the park as well, so there are options besides hot dogs.

      1. Uburger in Kenmore Sq. for burgers and great fries and onion rings. El Pelon on Peterborough St. on the other side of the park. Eastern Standard for a good bistro experience. And The Sausage Guy on Landsdowne St. Careful there are many sausage vendors on that street. The Sausage Guy is on the sidewalk opposite the green monster.

        1. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in terms food and drink as well as the atomosphere you are looking for...Boston Beer Works has decent food (wings, pizza, burgers etc), a number of good beers on tap, many tv's and usually many fans go there before the game. Also, fans under 21 are permitted to go in on gamedays provided they are eating. Eastern Standard is quite good too, but different atmosphere and food. Like the post above says though, getting food at the game and the sausage outside the park is a great experience too...

          1. Kenmore and the surrounding area on game day is a mad house. i definatly agree with the idea of going for something in the park. the sausage onions and peppers from the street vendors just outside the turnstiles are awesome. i love boston beer works, but you have to be in to elbow to elbow standing room, which i'm not, but we go there every game...the blueberry beer is quite cool.

            1. May 4 weekend we went to Trattoria Toscana for a FABULOUS dinner. Great house red, super staff. 10 min. walk to the game. Not sure what theme refers to...the only theme would be sausage on Yawkey Way?

              1. The Lower Depths sells fenways franks for $1 a piece, and they taste twice as good as the 6 dollar ones in the park.

                1. I also like Trattoria Toscana but it sounds like you want something closer to ball game food. The best of that type is Audubon Circle at 838 Beacon St. Less hectic than the places right next to Fenway and way better food.

                  Audobon Circle Restaurant Bar
                  838 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215

                  1. The Bleacher Bar underneath the
                    Bleachers is a hoot. i think you can reserve a table right in front, behind the garage door looking straight out on the field. Food is nothing to write home about but it's a fun experience, even for this jaded Sox fan.

                    1. Thank-you all. Great suggestions!


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                        Make sure you let us know where you went and how it was.

                        Also, we pronounce it "pahk", not "paak".

                      2. If you and/or someone else in your party is vegetarian and/or just prefers pizza, I like the pizza sold just outside gate 8 at the sausage & peppers place where they also sell surprisingly good pizza. I think it's much better than the Papa Gino's pizza sold inside the park, and you can bring it in with you.

                        1. I can't seem to go to a game without a stop at El Pelon for a burrito or some fish tacos. its quick, so you can get in and out before a game.

                          and because no one else has mentioned it, you could also go to La Verdad on the corner of Lansdowne and Ipswich. its more expensive Mexican than El Pelon, but you can sit on the sidewalk, order margaritas and watch the crazy fans headed into the park. need to get there a little early to get a table.

                          1. There is basically no place in Boston you can go on game day that isn't Red Sox Theme. Just beware on Yank/Sox Days, you may get more of the "theme" than you asked for. If you want the true experience stop in one of the pubs next to the park, early I might add, and enjoy Bostons "pub" foods. I like "Boston Beer Works", "Cask and Flagon" and "Game On" all right at the park.