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Jul 12, 2008 11:23 AM

a Sturdy Proper sandwich in Newport RI?

the first week of August i will going on a charter boat out of Point Judith. i'm looking for a spot (preferably IN Newport) where i can pick up a Chow-ish lunch the day before and have it suffer none too much overnight and the 5 or so hours i will be on the boat until lunch time. it will be cooler packed.

i need to pick this up the day before as i will be up and out around 5am. i'm also open to All Foods.


p.s. i had been to The Provender quite a few years ago (first time i had chicken salad with grapes!) and iirc a place like that would fit the bill nicely. if The Provender is still as good as my memory tells me i'd like to know of any opinions to the contrary.

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  1. i think the place is called portabella,its on broadway next to the salvation cafe.they make a pretty good italian sangy,also good salads and the friend swears by the peaceable market on thames street,though i havent tried them yet.

    1. You might try Panera Bread on the Long Wharf Mall. They offer a variety of breads, and can suggest a bread for your sandwiches that will hold up relatively well. In a similar situation, we have asked the deli or sandwich shop to pack the bread in one freezer bag and the filling in another (have been known to bring our own freezer bags). Just don’t forget to bring along plastic knives so you can reconstruct the sandwiches later. Also, they are likely to have little containers for dressing if needed.

      1. If you consier an old school grinder chowish - then Firehouse Pizza is the way to go. The meatball is the best. I acutally prefer my day old and straight from the fridge.

        Provender wall still great last time, I was over there last summer. However, it is in Tiverton, not Newport, which if you have a Newporter or RI's conception of distance, almost consitutes a daytrip.

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          i'm good with driving. i'm coming in from North of Boston on Wednesday and i can make this a stop before checking in in Newport.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            If you go, you should stop at Gray's for an ice cream and/or Evenlynn's for clams.

          2. re: Frobisher

            Nothing against the grinders at Firehouse, I've had them many times, but I wouldn't consider them "Chow-ish".

              1. re: im hungry

                I was trying to be nice but yeah, the kids that work there are pretty much permanently stoned. Still, the grinders aren't totally inedible... It's the kind of place you only to to out of laziness/ convenience. Definitely not what SS is looking for...

                1. re: im hungry

                  As a native Fifth Warder, you and I may have to have "words."

                  As to the comment above, what is or is not chowish is very much in the eye of the beholder. To me a great grinder, while not "foodie" is very much chowish. If things like grinders, weiners, fried clams and burgers are no longer chowish, than this board has changed very much for the worse since its acquisition.

                  1. re: Frobisher

                    Apologies Frobisher. Haven't been on the NE board for a while, so just seeing your post now.

                    I only said I didn't consider the grinders at Firehouse to be Chowish. Not all grinders in general, which is not an insignificant distinction.

                    There's no reason a sandwich can't be considered good "chow", but for me at least, a certain level of thought and love needs to be put into its construction/ preparation for it to attain that status. That was never my experience at Firehouse and that's all I was really trying to convey.