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Jul 12, 2008 11:12 AM

OK, who makes their own mustard?

I visited a local brewery the other week and they had a delicious house-made ale mustard. I would love to make some of my own but can't find any good recipes. Thoughts?

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  1. What is it about the recipes that is not good?

    1. I make a couple of mustards each fall. One was originally intended to use up a couple of old bottles of home brewed beer and the other is a wine-based dijon style.

      I don't much care for sweet mustard, which may be what you were describing, but I would be happy to share my recipes if you are interested.

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      1. re: akachochin

        I'd love it if you would post your recipes.

      2. I make my own mustards all the time - there are normally at least 3-5 in my pantry. I can post some recipes if you like...

        Are you looking specifically for ale recipes or others?

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        1. re: chefathome

          Looking for a pommery-style mustard in particular that has a little kick. I love the texture of these mustards but they tend not to have much bite. Any recipe posted would be greatly appreciated.

        2. I do occasionally. For the 4th I was making a take off on corn dogs, but with Chorizo and they were bite sized. For the adventurous I made a spicy beer mustard. 1 part Coleman's dry mustard to 1 part beer. I added toasted ground cumin seed, chipotle chili powder and fresh chopped cilantro. For the folks with tender taste buds I made a guacamole for a dip with the "Peritos de Maiz"