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Jul 12, 2008 11:01 AM

Terra Burger ( Wow, that was bad!)

Ok, so I would normally never write such a negative review...but I really wanted this place to be great as its on my way to work and I would be craving a kick-ass burger at least once a week.

First off, the space seems a touch ridiculous inside...looks more like a Starbucks than a burger joint. I think the place is way to big to be just serving burgers. God only knows how they will make their rent! I don't think the space was thought out properly at all.I was expecting the place to be along the lines of my favs The Burger Shoppe or Craft Burger. I think the trend of jumping on the 'fine' burger bandwagon got to these guys and they thought it would be a great 'easy' idea. Unfortunately for them, I have never had such a terrbile meal...let alone a really bad burger.

I will put all the bumbling service and amateur inappropriate playfulness aside (as they are freshly new, and hopefully things will come together on the service front soon). As for the burger...I ordered the Terra Firma (their basic burger believed to be from The Healthy Butcher, which I find hard to believe because it was either a really bad burger on their part, or they have mis-treated or frozen them at Terra Burger) with some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Terra sauce. The burger itself with way under-coooked (medium rare) and cold in the centre. I was astonished that the burger itself had no taste! No fat, no spice, no char-grilled flavour at all! I have constantly had the organic beef burgers at both The Burger Shoppe and Craft and they have always been hot, juicy, char-grilled, full flavoured delicious burgers! I think that they were frozen perhaps, and this caused the meat to lose all of its integrity. Next, the disgusting stale disaster. It was absolutely inedible. You would think they would find someone to supply them with a proper yummy bun! On to the toppings...the lettuce was brown and soggy (I am not joking) and the tomatoes also seemed like they were cut 3 days ago. The Terra sauce also had no flavour. No acidity, no salt, no pepper it seemed. I could not believe that not one thing had gone right! Least to say, I was very disappointed and it kinda ruined my day as I was looking forward to this burger for weeks! As for the fries, I won't even bother. Mushy way undercooked or poached in oil at low heat with no salt.

It seems like they really do not know how to run a food business. This is not McDonalds or Harveys...and it looks like they spent a pretty penny on this place! Man, that's gonna be a lot of burgers to pay this place off! As for the whole 'organic' thing...I think its just silly and way past its 15 minutes of fame. I hope they figure out how to get this right.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Interesting review. Maybe they need to regroup a bit.
      I find it interesting what you said about The Burger Shoppe and Craft. I haven't heard particularly good things on CH about them before, particularly The Burger Shoppe. Perhaps this has changed? I haven't tried it, because it didn't seem worth it, but perhaps I'm missing something.

      1. Given that I found the Burger Shoppe a consistently gross ripoff (I walk by there frequently and wanted to love it), the concept of something being worse blows me away. It's almost beyond my comprehension.

        I do agree with Recyclor that your comment on the "organic thing" is offbase. While it is true that the definitions of what is "organic", "natural" and/or "free ranging" are open to much interpretation, the organic thing conceptually is a damn good thing.

        1. I totally agree with the review whole-heartedly. Especially the comment about the organic-ness.

          I'm certain your didn't think of organic food as being pasts its 15 minutes of fame, but the hype behind all things organic, and they are good because they are organic as being beyond its 15 minutes.

          Why would I prefer to eat a not-so-great organic burger/bun over a great "natural" burger somewhere else? I don't understand the idea of trying to make everything organic, if it's not going to be that great, and then also serving coke. It's like stand behind an idea if you believe it. I think it's mainly a reason to charge someone $34 for burgers for two.

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            $34? does that include a hot yoga class too? some days licks does not look that bad. it's getting depressing hearing about how hard it is to find a burger in this city.

          2. I look forward to further reports of your food adventures The Macallan 18. Always fun to read, always controversial. Thanks for not playing it safe.