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Apr 12, 2003 02:47 PM

Getting El Coyote

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Met with a bunch of former and current Nashville folks at El Coyote last night. Seems like whenever we do this it's at some long-established tourist trap; last time it was El Cholo! Of course the food was barely above Taco Bell level, though the margaritas found great favor and the service was excellent...

Going to a place like this for the food is like going to a movie for the popcorn. It's part theatre, part party, a good excuse to get the gang around a table and have some drinks in jolly surroundings. Anyway, when you're catching up with folks you haven't seen in a year or more, great food would be almost a distraction. As it was, we got there early, stayed for about three hours, had a royal blast and spent less than $100 for six of us, including tax, tip and parking.

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  1. Ya know, I've always heard this about El Coyote. Yet the place always seems packed from the outside (I've never been there myself). The mind boggles.

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    1. re: Marc

      I don't even think the margaritas are any good. I've been twice (in the last ten years); both times they were watery.

      Maybe I caught them on their two off-nights of the last decade, but somehow I doubt it....

    2. Good God, is this place still open? The food has always blown chunks. (BTW, this was where Sharon Tate and friends had their last meal. Man, that was a really bad day for those folks.)

      1. Margs are incredibly watery...garbage.

        El Coyote is jammed because there is a constant influx of attractive young people (including, apparently, Sharon Tate) who have never had Mexican food before and think that's how it's supposed to be prepared. And others go for the throngs of young, attractive people. :-)

        I don't really understand how El Cholo is dissed the way it is while El Coyote largely escapes abuse. It might be that El Coyote is so bad that it's sui generis.

        1. If you're worried about watery drinks, get shots. They have a variety of Tequilas. Then, if you care, try to converse over the din.

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          1. re: mc michael

            I get a double marg, call your tequila being an option, then get the ice on the side, and the booze will arrive naked for you to taste its lack of wateriness, and thus you pour just the amount you want over the ice and save the rest until the time comes when you need it.
            As to food, I find ordering the chicken fajitas to where they are not overcooked works in salvaging the food issue. No rice or beans, etc.

          2. El Coyote, El Torito, Acapulco, Taco Bell...Mexican food for the tastebud impaired. Sure, it's a scene. Sure the food sucks. Sure the drinks are watery and overpriced. Sure, the last time I went there, we got shots and three people barfed, putting their dinner where it really belongs. But, hey, we're in Hollywood. The show is the thing, right? So, if you need a show where the food and booze are the grease for this squeeky wheel, then rush right down and get in line. Me, I'll be finishing my evening at Midnight Tacos washin' down 4 al pastor with an ice cold horchata. The coyote can howl all it probably has a belly ache.

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            1. re: mssreatalot

              Moral: eat before you go. Just drink shots--in moderation.