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Specific dessert recommendations for Dessert Trends?

I've heard such good stuff about the desserts this place makes, I was thinking of making the trip down there. Can you recommend what is good--either cookies, cakes, pies, squares? I was thinking of asking them to put something aside for me in advance--so what do you suggest? (I like chocolate--dark or sometimes white if it's very good white chocolate---but I also like fruity things to a point.)

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  1. Edible thoughts- You really cant go wrong with any of the dessert there, but if you are looking for chocolate, my fave is the flourless chocolate cake, it melts out chocolate and is served with amazing fruit coulis. They do a lot of mousses and tarts, not a lot of sponge cake choices or pies. Lots of fruit choices i recommend the mango passionfruit tart, very fresh tasting.. They also have homemade gelato & sorbet.


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      I was actually there a week ago and I tried the white chocolate mouse thingy and the chestnut chocolate thingy. I actually wasn't that impressed with either of them. The white chocolate mouse has some taste in there that I can't place that spoiled the white chocolate flavour for me and the chestnut thing was disappointingly dry and not very chocolaty. Still, I'm planning to go there for brunch some time in the next week so I'll try the flourless chocolate cake. (If I can handle it after brunch, I'll try some gelato too!) Thanks for the recommendation.

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        They have the best croque monsieur/madame I've ever had, btw, so if you're a fan of these for brunch, I'd highly recommend trying one.

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            I assume that's with ham? (Heh... heh... had to look that dish up to find out what it was!) I ask because I don't eat ham... but I'll tell the people I'm going with (who do eat meat more than me).

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              Oh bummer, yes, with ham. Ham, gruyere and bechamel on a soft egg bread, dipped in beaten egg and grilled. Croque madame adds a fried egg on top.

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                Ohhh... sounds very good. Maybe they could make it without ham for me...

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              Just wanted to update my rec -- I was just at Dessert Trends and ordered the croque madame. It was sadly degraded from the last time I had it. Where it was once tender and creamy, this time it was overcooked and lacking bechamel. The edges of the bread were cooked far too dry and chewy. Not sure what happened. I will definitely give them another shot and hope that this was a one-off situation. The coffee, fresh squeeze OJ and pastries were still great.

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                Thanks for the warning. I still haven't been yet for brunch so good to know.

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                  So no bechamel at all? I will have to ask next weekend when we go. I hate it when "croque monsieur" turns out to be grilled ham and cheese, I can do that at home in 5 minutes.

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                    There was, just not much. They are so nice there, though, that I'm sure you could ask for extra bechamel and request that they not over grill the sandwich. The croque monsieur wasn't bad, it just wasn't as sublime as it's been in the past. After my sandwich, I decided I needed a couple of their mini pastries for dessert (a little cinnamon bun and little apple danish). The owner decided that I should have them with fresh whipped cream, so she whipped up a batch before bringing them. Really nice!

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                      Well I had the sandwich yesterday and it was great, thanks for the tip. My only issue was the size of the thing, it was really a half-sandwich! Maybe 6 small bites? I don't normally like huge servings but as this was brunch, I had eaten a very light breakfast in anticipation and we didn't get appetizers. With the side salad there was just enough food I suppose, but I was definitely left wanting more of the delicious croque. I had a nice passionfruit mousse in white chocolate cup for dessert. They were quite busy but we never felt rushed, which is nice over brunch when so many places are going for high turnover.

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                        Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, you're right about the size -- I've never really thought about it, since I usually like to get a dessert afterwards. :) It's a good place to bring your newspaper for a leisurely brunch, because they never rush you.

          2. Here I go again replying to my own post but I finally went to DT for brunch (on a week day)and I thought I might as well express my opinion. I tried the parmesan/mushroom omelette and my companions went with the scrambled eggs with bacon or ham. We also had one of each type of croissant. I enjoyed the croissants though I've had better chocolate and almond ones---I found them a little mushy inside. Just a little. The plain mini-croissant was excellent (buttery, crispy, perfect). As for the eggs: I found the omelette to be too oily--maybe it's all that melty parmesan (and I say this even though I love parmesan) but it was just too oily and the mushrooms were too chewy and overpowering for me. I was also a bit taken aback by the "basic" scrambled eggs. Because they weren't just scrambled eggs--they had parmesan cheese and onions (I think) mixed in. And while that's fine if you like that sort of thing, people that pick this dish often want just basic scrambled eggs and this dish would be a bit of a shock to that type of diner. One of my party doesn't like old cheeses and found the parmesan rather unpleasant. I also found the cappuccino to be on the weak side, but we all enjoyed our coffee and the side salad with each dish was quite nice (the little seed-crusted salad dressing was a nice touch).

            So I guess you could say I won't be rushing back. But I'm glad I tried it----and we might return to try some of the non-egg dishes (French toast, pancakes)...