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Jul 12, 2008 08:22 AM

Where are the best smoothies?

I have been in California for two months and have become obsessed with smoothies? I am staying in west hollywood and would go anywhere in the west end for a great smoothie that is not full of chemicals....Please tell me where to get great smoothies. thanks

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  1. The blueberry banana smoothie at Corral Tree Cafe in Brentwood ;)
    (although last time I went there they didn't make it as good-read:creamy- as they usually do)
    They're supposed to serve "healthy, organic food" so it's probably not full of chemicals.


    1. Best Smoothies/protein drinks are in West Hollywood - at the Power Zone at Capitol Drugs under the 24 hour fitness on Santa Monica Blvd. in downtown Weho.

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        concur. this is such a hidden/but not so hidden gem.

        also a great place to purchase supplements if you sign up for the 10% discount card.

        there's also body factory on sunset in hollywood that does some great high protein shakes as well...try the Hulk

        6366 Sunset Blvd
        hollywood, ca 90028

      2. Just had a to-die-for nectarine smoothie at M Cafe de Chaya, we threw in a banana for good measure and the thing just rocked. I'd go get it right this second.

        1. I like the smoothies at Leaf Cuisine "Real, Live, Raw" on Franklin, in Hollywood, across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre (fortunately, there is no affiliation!)

          1. Santa Monica Farms on Main near Pico. Excellent fresh fruit smoothies. Peaches when ripe, YUM! They don't get any better.