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Jul 12, 2008 06:04 AM

Martini House Mushroom Tasting & Trip Suggestions

Has anyone done the Martini House mushroom tasting? We love shrooms and it sounds intriguing.

I too am planning our Napa Valley/SF trip that is coming up. Unfortunately, I don't have the budget as some of these people! :) I'm trying to narrow it down to to a couple high end places...then, focus on the best taqueria, burger, picnic and dive. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Here was a recent report

    If you search "martini house" and mushroom you will find lots of reports about mushroom dishes there if not the entire mushroom tasting menu. They are known for doing a good job with mushrooms.

    You might read this to get a better response

    The Napa Valley is a large are and it would be good to know what towns you plan to visit.

    Here's a few places flagged as inexpenive

    Of that list, if you are in Calistoga, Buster's BBQ might be worth looking at. I have it on my to try list. There are favorable reports.

    Butter Cream is a diner that is pretty much a locals place where you can have an inexpensive breakfast. My report is linked on the place record. The day I was there the lunch special was meatloaf with a piece of house-baked pie for $10.95. Everything is made from scratch.

    Ignore Nation's on the list. It is a local chain that is ok but I wouldn't recommend it to a visitor. Pica Pica in Oxbow has Argentinian. In fact, Oxbow is a great place to pick up picnic supplies. The porchetta sandwiches at Fatted Calf and Rotisario are wonderful. Rotisario also has excellent chickens. If you stop by Model Bakery in the morning they have half-priced baked goods. A huge bag of scones, croissants, etc can be had for $2. They also mark sandwiches and salads at half price.

    Here are some places where the prices are 'moderate' ($10 - $25-ish entrees ... there's no rocket science determining the range ... usually in the $10 - $20 range)

    La Mixteca in Napa gets high points for Mexican specials on the weekend. Which reminds me that you should say what day you plan to visit. CV in Napa has a Friday $2 wine tasting that is popular with the locals and supposed to be quite the deal. So the days you are here might influence reccomendations. Also the month you plan to visit would help to get special event recs.

    Taqueria Tres Hermanos recently had a good rec. This blog has a review and is quite good for other napa ... eats

    If you click on the links in the above searches, you will often find websites and menus as well as linked Chowhound reports.

    That should give you something to start with. Have a good time and hope you report back about where you ate.

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      Fantastic info! I should have done a bit more homework...i'll get to planning and get back on thoughts and suggestions. Thanks!

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        If you like mushrooms you'll love the tasting menu. One of my chefs at the CIA raved about it, and urged all of us to go try it, of course as students it was a bit out of our price range, but some did try it, and all found it amazing.

    2. It helps if it's mushroom season. That's in the winter, after the first rains. I've heard raves about the MH mushrooom tasting menu when they're fresh and foraged, and it's a big hit with the winery crowd, who could dine anywhere. Here's the menu -- check to see availability: