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Jul 12, 2008 05:40 AM

Club Chasse et Peche - Very Disappointing Evening

After reading so many rave reviews, we finally made it down to CCetP last night. The meal started out promising when we asked our server to suggest a bottle between $80 and $100 to accompany our meal, and he returned with a lovely Syrah at $84. On the recommendation of our server, we ordered the seared scallops and the risotto to begin--both were very good. Scallops were cooked perfectly, the risotto was very tasty and quite different than any we have tried elsewhere. We could have stopped there and gone home very happy, and had we known what was coming, we would have. Our mains were the duck and the fish selection of the day which was Alaskan cod, and we ordered another plate of risotto for our 5 year old. The magret was just ok (when I asked my daughter she said that it was good, but not as good as what dad makes). It was a little overcooked for me, the sauce was fine but nothing special. The "mash" that accompanied it was fine (a mix of potato, duck confit, a few sprouts) but this was a side that was strikingly similar to something we tried at l'Eau a la Bouche 3 years ago. The cod was overcooked and was accompanied by peas that were undercooked. My husband found a strand of hair in the fish. When our server dropped by to check on our meal, and my husband told him that the fish was overcooked, he had no real response, simply "ah, vous trouvez?". He filled our wine glasses, and that was the last we saw of him--from then on, our water glasses were filled and our dishes taken away by busboys, but no more server. My husband ordered a dessert that was a kind of variation on strawberry shortcake--I didn't try it.

After so many amazing reviews on this board and elsewhere, I was really disappointed with our meal, particularly the service which seemed to come to a crashing halt immediately after my husband criticized his fish. We take our kid with us to most restaurants, and we don't expect anyone to fawn over her, but we do expect servers to at least address her at the table (ask her if she wants more water, ask her how her meal is)--no one did. There weren't any other kids in the resto, so maybe they just aren't used to serving children. The total was $300 with tax and tip, which we thought was overpriced given the quality of the food and service. Oh, and because I wanted to pay by debit card, the server (who had finally reappeared to give me the bill) accompanied me to the computer, where I had to tell him how much to add for his tip---this seems a little tacky for a restaurant of this caliber. With so many other restaurants to try, we won't be back in a hurry.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think you and I had the same waiter. My evening at Club Chasse et Peche was exceptionally disappointing, particularly because of the service. Our server couldn't bear to bring himself to ask us if we wanted refills on our drinks or water and gave a very visible grimace when we decided to skip a cheese course and just have dessert. (Clearly, we committed some unpardonable sin.)

      While we enjoyed most of the food, the dismal service pushed it off our list when we are visiting Montreal again this fall for our honeymoon.

      I really wanted to like CCeP, but it really was the most disappointing meal of our trip.

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        No cheese? How dare you?! Maybe it was the same guy.

        Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after we had ordered, our server returned to the table to tell us that he would be bringing us a platter of vegetables, he couldn't say what they were because it was the chef's choice. It turned out to be a small plate with a few different sides of vegetables, including a tiny salad, caulifllower puree, and something else. When I got home, I found the $8 platter was added to my bill?!? The more I think about the evening, the more I am sure we won't be repeat customers.

      2. I truely feel bad to what happened to you. I went there last night, with actually your experience in mind (cause I had read it prior to the dinner) and my experience was at the total opposite of yours.

        1. Hi foodismyfriend,
          glad to hear you are going to such "great" restaurants with your 5 year old. We do so as well with our 5 year old twins and they love it! (do you have any suggestions for other restaurants that you have been to with your kid?)
          We have been to CC et P for a special birthday dinner and our experience was good, but in general I found it way to overpriced for what we got. I like feeling comfortable and well taken care off while having dinner and not like I am in a stiff and too dark of an athmosphere place (we went there in december).
          Regarding the tipping: I like my privacy too, but I do not mind giving a restaurant feedback on their service via tip. As for the machines: I have seen both kinds throughout the city, sometimes the restaurants or shops try to make it easy for you by moving ahead for you in the process.