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Jul 11, 2008 11:58 PM

Restaurant recommendations on/near Rt. 18 in East Brunswick

I'll be visiting the area again in a week w/ my son in order to pick up another son and his Korean wife at Newark Airport. Last trip I visited the Russian deli on 18 south to stock up on stuff to bring home. In this strip mall I also noticed a Russian restaurant, a Korean BBQ and an all you can eat seafood restaurant. Has anyone tried any of these? Other recs. for Slavic or Asian food close by in the E. Brunswick-SR- Sayreville area? Or just good reasonably priced food. My daughter-in-law is pregnant, this is her first visit to the US, and I would like some Asian (Korean) options in case she has cravings. I know about the Korean rest. on the Old Post Rd. in Edison, but want something a bit closer. We are of Russian heritage and I know the men would enjoy some good Russian/Polish food as well (I know the Polish ones in SR). Suggestions would be appreciated as mom who lives in the area is aged and might get rattled by a lot of cooking in the house.

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  1. Hey, Pass,

    If you're willing to come south on 18 to Marlboro/Manalapan, there are two Russian restaurants on Route 9, not too far from 18. Russian Dream, which I wasn't crazy about the one time we tried it, is on the south side. They also have a deli in that same strip, but I've never been in there. The one on the north side, in the Home Fashion Center, is the one I like. It used to be called Rendezvous, but they changed their name and, at the moment, I can't remember what it is. We've had lunch there a number of times, and the food has always been delicious. I especially love the vereniki. They have entertainment on the weekends.

    Thai Chili is in Spotswood (adjacent to E. Brunswick), on Summerhill Road. The food's very good, and the atmospherics are pleasant.

    Caution: Stay away from Blue Water Seafood, on 18N. One dinner there was one too many, i.e., the food was vile.

    Congrats to your son and daughter-in-law on their impending parenthood. Hope you have a great visit.

    1. On Rt 9 south about a mile or two further from Outback Steakhouse is an off-brand gas station set back a little from the road. Behind the gas station is a place simply called, "International Food". They are a Slavic deli/bakery/take-out.

      Try the:

      Pomegranite Salmon
      Stuffed Cabbage
      Both the savory and sweet baked goods
      I could go on, as it's all good.

      1. In that strip mall, I have tried the seafood buffet (Makkoli and the Korean restaurant (Maru I have reviewed both here (see links) and on my blog (see my profile).

        1. Passa. I know I said that I'm swearing off CH. But just had to reply. In that mall and the one after ,you have the korean place. {Passable but not great} The Russian{more of a club than restaurant, My friend hangs out there and drinks vodka and smokes cigars on weekends}Mikkoli, which started off slow and tasteless but has since improved quite a bit, stick to the sushi, the hot side is terrible.and in the mall before is a Philippino buffett/grocery which is decent. Not a hell of alot of choices since your last visit but when was the last time you hit Ferry st in Newark? The food scene is hopping and good food abounds. give me a call when your in town, check your e mail.

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            The last time I went into Newark was for my draft physical in spring 1966, I passed and the rest is history. Just like Arlo Gutherie. Need a t-shirt? My kids and I might enjoy hanging out smoking stogies and drinking wodka. Ochen horror show! (Ochen horoshow very good in Russian!) Prekracnia (Beautiful).
            During WWII, why did the Red army that liberated Northern Norway retreat?
            Even they didn't want it!

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              Looks like I may be moving back to where the Red Army deserted.Want to be near the family. You have to try Denny's new "Midnight" menu. pretty tasty after the vodka and cigars, Got some decent cubans if your intrested.

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                Could make for an interesting evening. Two, Norwegians, 0ne Finn and a Jersey boy! Boy, I miss Cubans. Used to send them back to Pop and Bro labeled "poker accessories" on the customs declaration!

          2. Near by
            (732) 723-0200
            100 Summerhill Rd
            Spotswood, NJ 08884

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              I've been wondering about that place... it's Russian, right? Any reports?

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                me too me too.

                specially since Tung Hsing house is closed for the month in that area!