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Jul 11, 2008 11:35 PM

Where are there any nice looking corn skewers?

I'm the first to admit my searching methods may not be the best, but all I'm finding are plastic corn cob looking skewers, novelty plastic skewers, and lots of unrelated bamboo skewers.

I would like to find some metal skewers for corn on the cob which feel good in the hand, hold the corn and look nice. Perhaps handmade, perhaps a Scandinavian inspired brushed finish sleek steel design...Just no more plastic!

Does anyone have a source?

Thanks to all & enjoy the corn season!

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  1. At Sur La Table there are some cool, industrial metal ones. They're a kind of sprial design. Hard to describe but quite cool.

    1. You do not want metal skewers. Once in what I thought was a great gift for a corn lover (myself) I bought a set of silver corn skewers. Dumb for an engineer not to realize that the metal would conduct the heat from the cob and become too hot to touch.

      1. Crate and Barrel has brushed metal ones, they sort of have a spiral design to them.

        1. I have the Zyliss corn skewers, they're super sharp, fairly attractive and fit together so you don't stab yourself when you reach in the drawer!

          1. Wow - thanks!

            C & B online doesn't seem to have the metal ones mrs.corgi. I might have to put aside my mall aversion & check them in person. Sandih, I did find the chrome looped handle design, very cool (on sale too). I'm hoping to find a more solid design. I think I am fixated on replacing a style I once had which decided not to move with me at some point. Jlbwendt - the Zyliss is a brilliant design! I love it when someone rethinks such a common item. The colors just aren't doing it for me though... Mexivilla - good point! My kitchen to dining room timing is such that this probably won't be a problem. I use them more to avoid the butter becoming moisturizer.... ;-D

            Somewhere they are out there waiting for me! Hopefully we will find each other before summer is over.

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              I agree, primary colors are not really my thing either! The photo doesn't really do them justice (they are prettier in person :-) but I wish they came in just black, white or all of one color.

              1. re: jlbwendt

                I guess you could buy multiple packages to put together a set of one color...then have extra sets for gifts! I do really love how they fit together - if there is a 1% chance of injury, I will find it...I'm the sort who could benefit from steel-toed house slippers!

                1. re: jlbwendt

                  I found something very similar at Target by Profreshional. A set of 6 for $2.99. They were all yellow, made of a non-brittleish plastic. The yellow was bright, but more neon than primary. They nested together and looked well designed.