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Where are there any nice looking corn skewers?

I'm the first to admit my searching methods may not be the best, but all I'm finding are plastic corn cob looking skewers, novelty plastic skewers, and lots of unrelated bamboo skewers.

I would like to find some metal skewers for corn on the cob which feel good in the hand, hold the corn and look nice. Perhaps handmade, perhaps a Scandinavian inspired brushed finish sleek steel design...Just no more plastic!

Does anyone have a source?

Thanks to all & enjoy the corn season!

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  1. At Sur La Table there are some cool, industrial metal ones. They're a kind of sprial design. Hard to describe but quite cool.

    1. You do not want metal skewers. Once in what I thought was a great gift for a corn lover (myself) I bought a set of silver corn skewers. Dumb for an engineer not to realize that the metal would conduct the heat from the cob and become too hot to touch.

      1. Crate and Barrel has brushed metal ones, they sort of have a spiral design to them.

        1. I have the Zyliss corn skewers, they're super sharp, fairly attractive and fit together so you don't stab yourself when you reach in the drawer!

          1. Wow - thanks!

            C & B online doesn't seem to have the metal ones mrs.corgi. I might have to put aside my mall aversion & check them in person. Sandih, I did find the chrome looped handle design, very cool (on sale too). I'm hoping to find a more solid design. I think I am fixated on replacing a style I once had which decided not to move with me at some point. Jlbwendt - the Zyliss is a brilliant design! I love it when someone rethinks such a common item. The colors just aren't doing it for me though... Mexivilla - good point! My kitchen to dining room timing is such that this probably won't be a problem. I use them more to avoid the butter becoming moisturizer.... ;-D

            Somewhere they are out there waiting for me! Hopefully we will find each other before summer is over.

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              I agree, primary colors are not really my thing either! The photo doesn't really do them justice (they are prettier in person :-) but I wish they came in just black, white or all of one color.

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                I guess you could buy multiple packages to put together a set of one color...then have extra sets for gifts! I do really love how they fit together - if there is a 1% chance of injury, I will find it...I'm the sort who could benefit from steel-toed house slippers!

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                  I found something very similar at Target by Profreshional. A set of 6 for $2.99. They were all yellow, made of a non-brittleish plastic. The yellow was bright, but more neon than primary. They nested together and looked well designed.

              2. For grilling corn outside, I really like what Steve Raichlin does - pull the husk back and tie it off with a piece of string - it becomes the handle! You have to use some aluminum foil over the grill section that the husk sits over so that it doesn't get grilled as the corn does.

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                  That method is great for grilling! Otherwise it gets so frustrating trying to get a grip on the cob to turn it. Thanks!

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                    The soft grip oxo is a nice alternative to the more brittle type plastic - easier to hold and has a nice feel. Looking at these over the last week I am finding it so interesting how many non-food motifs get worked into the design (animals, sports, etc.). The only other food serving item I can think of that is like this would be cheese spreaders - often their handles look like fruit or other motifs!

                    Thanks for the link. :-)

                  2. I saw some cute ones that looked like people, great for kids, in the Sur La Table catalog. I would have bought them if there were little kids living here.

                    Hey --it's corn on the cob -- not exactly something you would serve at a state dinner. Casual is probably just fine.

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                    1. re: RGC1982

                      I think I saw those too & had the same thought. My feeling is that perhaps there are so many plastic designs due to corn on the cob being a popular outdoor dining item - too easy for a pick to get lost!

                      Casual is fine. This is more of an aesthetics thing. I've been a working craftsperson in way or another for over 30 years so maybe thats why I get pleasure from an object that combines function with ergonomics with beauty. I also just don't like the way plastic feels to eat with. Sure, I have some plastic wear for picnics at the beach, but for day to day I like the feel, weight, texture of other materials. It just enhances the entire experience for me! Same with flatwear - it doesn't have to be fancy or made of silver, but I prefer something that feels good in my hand, has a certain amount of weight and has lines that please my eye!

                      I think I'm probably going to have to end up making some. Thinking Shibuishi would look great and not break the bank...I started playing with some clay this weekend to do some mock ups. I briefly considered doing ceramic handles, but I'm too much of a klutz for them to have a long and healthy life!

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                        Nancy, Thank you. I thought I had searched Amazon, but this link had a much wider variety than I had seen before! This is the only place I've seen the Rosewood (IIRC) picks. Several designs here which are getting close to what I'd like.
                        I appreciate you looking around for it!

                      2. Hate to tell you...but eating corn off the cob, is by its very nature as casual as eating gets. Plastic is practical...they don't get hot!! Stick with some reasonably attractive and utilitarian plastic holders such as the Zyliss, and forget about fancy!

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                          This is not about fancy. I tried to convey in prior posts what/why I was on this search...

                          Do you have a favorite knife or wooden spoon? Something that just fits your hand and feels "right"? It can feel right and be plain and simple! Or maybe it is something higher end that fits. But you reach for it time after time because it does feel right in your hand and performs its function well.

                          That is the focus of this search. For me, plastic just feels too light weight. I'm very visual and with most of the plastic the visual does not make me smile.
                          I eat lots of corn on the cob in season, enough where having a pick which gives me pleasure each time I see it/feel it/handle it makes this quest relevant for me.

                          Yes, the plastic serves a terrific utilitarian need. But if I just wanted utility a nail inserted in a cork would fit the bill quite easily!

                          I do have enough skill in several mediums to probably come up with what I want, but I really would like to just find it, buy it & get to start using them! I have too many paying gigs on my plate right now, so If I have to make them I doubt they will be more than a twinkle in my eye this summer...

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                            Just received a Crate & Barrel catalog yesterday; they had cute metal corn holders with the handle part an elongated ellipsis shape of spiraled metal. I'm sure they must be available on line.

                        2. I guess I didn't realize people still used those things. I haven't seen them in ages. Corn on the cob is about as casual as it gets. I just use my hands. But then that's how I eat a hot dog, hamburger, ribs, etc. But from reading this thread, obviously LOTS of people DO use them. I don't think I'd worry about the metal conducting the heat too much. My fingers don't get burned :)

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                            I agree, over the years my family has owned several sets and they were basically just too much of a pain to wash and keep track of. We just use our hands, I personally prefer the corn that way.

                            1. re: applehome

                              Applehome - thanks! That is one style I haven't seen in my search. I have some large skewers made by a blacksmith friend that have a similar look and have loved using them for years - they work well, feel good and look pleasing.

                              These may end up being the one!

                            2. For a dish as casual as corn on the cob, I see absolutely nothing wrong with plastic...it's functional, and looks perfectly fine. I entertain a lot, use excellent, but casual, white French china (Revol, Pillivuyt and Apilco...all from Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table), top of the line Danish stainless (Georg Jensen), Riedel and Baccarat crystal, and when I serve corn, I take out my Zyliss plastic interlocking corn holders that are available everywhere and which I think I paid five bucks for. They work great, look fine, and I'm sure that it has entered no guest's mind that they are not appropriate. Suggest you forget about fancy if you are serving corn on the cob!

                              1. Try checking in at Ebay from time to time, you might see something you like or an unusual set:


                                  1. re: josephnl

                                    Thanks for the links! I had seen the first one, and I think the style prong gave me pause. It seemed like it might be a lot of work inserting it, I've only used the type with one or two stick-like prongs...I have some problems with my hands, so often the size of an implement and the surface can make it hard for me to handle it easily - which is what happens with the second selection. A friend has them, they work well, but the shape and smoothness are difficult for my hands.

                                    E-bay has been interesting how many sets of a vintage silver corncob design there are! I'd never seen it before, but there have been many auctions of that design since I've been looking!

                                    I suspect this may turn into one of those long term quests... ;-)

                                    I have been fine tuning my corn pudding recipe, so that has taken my mind off corn on the cob somewhat! Fortunately we have had rain this summer, so the corn has been quite good.

                                  2. I just read this yesterday and had to laugh - we were serving corn last night and we just used the plastic type. Corn seems like such an informal kind of dish, and these remind me of when I was a child and they work. Plus as someone else said, I am not going to worry if we lose one or two outside. (For some reason, I have lost pieces of cutlery - where does it go?)

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                                        I retract my response! I found some at Lee Valley the other day that I liked. They are also on the web -


                                        I haven't used them yet though, so can't vouch for them. But they look pretty good!