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Jul 11, 2008 10:48 PM

Lunch Recommendations in Seattle for Friday afternoon

I have a friend coming in from out of town. I have a toddler and haven't been out for AGES. I need a good place to go for lunch for a leisurely, delicious lunch place. My friend needs good seafood. I'm looking for something tasty and a great, but not too loud ambience. We are all adventurous eaters. It doesn't have to be cheap but I don't want to go overboard. I have the following list so far:
Maximillian in the Market
Le Pichet
Matt's in the Market
Chez Shea
Fish Club at the Waterfront Marriot

What do you think? Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. i don't think Chez Shea does lunch. Matt's is good but can be very loud. You might add Taste restaurant (in the Seattle Art Museum) to your list for lunch, they have some nice booths too which you might be able to reserve.

    1. I would go to Place Pigalle instead of Maximillian's. I've eaten at both a few times recently and Place Pigalle was much better every time.

      Given the criteria of leisurely, delicious and seafood I would choose Matt's in the Market. A caveat, I have never met a restaurant that I thought was loud, including Matt's.

      Please take Fish Club off your list. It is truly awful.

      1. I agree with Lauren - take Fish Club off your list. Also, Le Pichet is not known for seafood - not sure if they serve any seafood to speak of, in fact. And, Chez Shea isn't open for lunch.

        If you want a leisurely, quiet lunch on a Friday in Seattle during the summer, I am not sure I'd focus my resto choices around the market...

        1. If you are focused around the market, I would consider Ettas. A little touristy, but lately I've had incredibly good meals there with very nice service and no rush. Nice preparations of seafood too.

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            i am not attached to the market area at all. i'm up for any area in seattle. please keep the suggestions coming....

          2. If you are planning on Matt's make a reservation or get there when they open at 11:30. I don't find it overly noisy.

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              i don't find it too loud either, but if the OP requests "not too loud", i assume they are more sensitive to noise (at least for this particular occasion) than the rest of us may be