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Jul 11, 2008 10:20 PM

where has the good pasta gone?


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    1. Osteria Mozza, Angeli Caffe, Osteria La Buca. I've heard good things about All Angelo, Angelini and La Terza but I have not been.

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      1. Gone back to Italy-every one
        long time ago...when will they ever learn?? when will they eeeeever learn??

        1. I love Mezzomondo (Studio City) and Angelini Osteria (on Beverly) for fresh pasta -- also Rustic Canyon (Wilshire, Santa Monica).

          1. Try Cinqueterre on Santa Monica just east of Sepulveda. Italian chefs, Ligurian style. Their TM is $70 which included smoked fish, a pasta duo, branzino baked in salt and grilled languostine. For $95 add a carpaccio, a bistecca and a cheese course.