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Jul 11, 2008 09:15 PM

Petty damn good barbecue! (Plano)

Had a lot of running around to do and time constraints, so thought I'd pick up something to take home for dinner. Dropped by Ricky Ray's Barbecue and to some ribs and brisket with two sides (baked beans and french fried sweet potatoes) to go. Frozen food in the trunk doesn't allow for a leisurely restaurant meal!

The food was amazing. When I opened the package, I thought, "Oh, beef ribs!" No. They were pork ribs, but the BIGGEST pork ribs I've seen in many years! No "baby backs" here! And not served inr racks, but each rib cut into one large individual piece. I am not a great pork rib fan but if there were more ribs like these around, I absolutely would be!

The brisket was brisket... I have no idea why I ever order it because the chances are greatest that it will be dry. This didn't disappoint in that department, but the barbecue sauce did help moisten things up.

The sides... Baked beans are great. Just the way I like them, but better. A nice surprise of bell pepper hanging over things, but thick sweet traditional baked beans I love. If I could buy baked beans like that in a can, I wouldn't be able to close my pantry doors! The french fried sweet potatoes were good too. Nice subtle essence of cinnamon on them, but not overwhelming.

Don't look for "decor" in the place. It's plain and simple and straight forward. But that's okay because the food is the star!

Oh, and this was my first time eating there. God, I hope I didn't hit them on their best day ever. It would be embarassing if people go on my recommendation and get ho-hum food!

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  1. I have to agree with you-I had lunch there today and was really surprised. The Smoked Hot Links, Baked Beans, and Fried Sweet Potatoes were excellent. I am from East Texas and this is Authentic East Texas Style BBQ. If you go, please try the desserts. Their Sweet Potato Pie was the best I have ever had. I got to meet the sweet lady who makes all of their homemade desserts from scatch and thanked her for the best pie I have probably ever had. If you are in Plano, give this place a try. I know I'll be going back-I just hope I don't expand my waistline any more than it already is expanded :)

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      Just when I was feeling soooo proud for having resisted the pie! '-)

    2. so other than a bunch of sides and stuff i'm not interested in, the only thing worth getting is the pork ribs? how do they compare to those at kelly's eastside (which are pretty good)?

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        I'm not ignoring your question. I've just never eaten at Kelley's on the east side.

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          Ive never been to Ricky Ray's but the ribs at Kelly's are great, as is the brisket, as is the CFS, as are the burgers, as is the.....well, you get the point.